Cot Top Changer

Cot Top Changer Review

Saplings Cot Top Baby Changer

What you need to know

  • Easy to store
  • you need to have room to access this which may not be easy if the cot is in a corner or very small room

Manufacturer: Saplings

Product: Cot Top Changer

RRP: £31.95

Sally says

Fitting on most cots, this gives you a firm base for changing without stooping. Slimline, it can be slipped in a corner when not in use and comes in several finishes (Country, Country and Ivory, Natural, Walnut and White, White), so will coordinate with your nursery furniture.



is there any1 dat can fit in all cot
I had the similar one from Mothercare and we loved it! Such a saviour to my bad back. It's easily removable and would stand next to the cot so didn't get in the way when not needed.
Is great for saving space and a good idea but if your child is like my son and wee's everywhere everytime you take his nappy off it can result in alot of bed changes.
I had something similar, very useful. Great for height