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The expert guide to buying a a floor sweeper

Chances are your mother or grandmother had some kind of floor sweeper. Now Gtech, a British company, has revolutionised the whole concept with 21st century technology.

Before Gtech, they were barely more than a convenient alternative to a dustpan and brush. Now, they’re powerful, motorised machines with attitude.

The Gtech Nippa has surprising cleaning power without depending on a mains cable giving you the freedom to roam. You’ll also be surprised how often you leave that heavy vacuum cleaner in the cupboard and reach for the Nippa – ideal for mothers and mothers-to-be.

Different floor surfaces are child’s play for the Nippa, and it doesn’t flinch at tackling stubborn dirt and pet hair. It even adapts to clean stairs without awkward bending and lifting.

Despite its huge appetite for dirt, the Nippa is cheap to run. Recharging costs less than a penny, and it runs for up to an hour on a single charge – or keep it constantly charged using the fast charge stand.

Nor do you need a science degree to use one. There’s no bag, no cyclone, no filters to clog up. And you’ll be astonished at how light yet powerful they are, as well as being small enough to store easily and nimble enough to get round and under just about any piece of furniture.

It’s just simple, reliable technology from a talented bunch of boffins in the heart of Worcestershire.

Now these same boffins have munchkins too, so they’ve designed the Gtech to be much quieter than the average vacuum cleaner, so you can get on with a tidy up without disturbing a priceless nap… ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.

They’ve even considered germs, and have a built in ‘silver ion’ compound (Germguard, exclusive to Gtech) on the handle and bin that eliminates over 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Gtech Nippa Power Sweeper

The Gtech Nippa Power Sweeper is a great help whether you’re pregnant and don’t want to carry heavy vacuum cleaners, or have just had a baby and need some lightweight help around the home!

If you’ve never been introduced to cordless technology, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can use the lightweight, manoeuvrable Power Sweeper – think of it as a hygienic motorised dustpan and brush with attitude!

It features Germguard, a ‘silver ion’ antibacterial additive found on the touch points such as the handle, which kills over 99% of bacteria including MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and e-Coli.

It works on all floors and gives up to 60 minutes of high powered cleaning on a single charge, with an eco-friendly recharge time of four hours, costing just 1p. No bags, no leads – no fuss

Powerful motorised brushbar

Constant cleaning power for up to one hour on a single charge.

Germguard antibacterial protection

Exclusive to Gtech kills over 99.9% of bacteria on handle and bin.

Dynamic steering head

Provides ease of use and manoeuvrability.

Stair cleaning function

Easily adapts to clean vertically and horizontally on stairs.

Eco fast charge stand

Docking station also provides constant ready to use function.


1.6kg (3.5lbs)

After sales

After sales service is just as important to Gtech as the machines themselves, and their friendly Worcester-based customer care team are on hand to help and advise. All in all, we reckon that once your own mum sees it, she’s going to want one too!

Readers of the Bounty Baby Product Guide can get £10 off the RRP of £69.99 – quote ‘Bounty 1’ (while stocks last).
www.gtechonline.co.uk/nippa 01905 345891