Polly Magic

Polly Magic Review

Chicco Polly Magic High Chair

What you need to know

  • Fully adjustable, will fit any size child.
  • Not suitable over three years.

Manufacturer: Chicco

Product: Polly Magic

RRP: £159.99

Sally says

Ideal for newborn babies right through to three years old. With its cushion it can be used for babies from birth to six months. From six to 12 months it can be turned into a highchair for those first meals with the family. From one to three years it turns into a normal chair, so your child can sit at the table with you in safety and comfort. It has a three position backrest and an adjustable tray and seat. It folds neatly and the tray can be stored on the back of the chair. There's a handy toy to play with, too!



I ordered this when pregnant and am so pleased with it. Fantastic highchair! I've used it since we got home from hospital, it's nice to know baby is up high away from draughts as they may be on the floor in a bouncer, especially when the back door is opened & closed repeatedly! Only downfall is the strap between the legs isn't length adjustable, so the buckle can ride up, but a large paperclip sorted that out! Also has a few hiding places for crumbs, but a quick hoover and it's good as new. I love the extra tray, we use it for food. My daughter loves putting her cup in and out of the cup holder! Then when she has finished her dinner, we clean her hands and face, lift the food tray off and she has an instant clean surface for playing - so clever! The toy basket could be a bit bigger, like the sling type I've seen on other chairs. Nice and light for lifting and shifting.
I have mixed views on this. It was fantastic when my son was little. I could just lay him in it and he could have his bottle, leaving me free to do a few jobs around the kitchen. Now he's a little older he sits comfortably in it either with the tray or at the table. The foot rest can be put straight out in front too which he likes. Big cons for me - it is a big nightmare to clean (lots of little spaces for food to get stuck), it takes up a lot of room when not folded away. But all in all if you don't mind scrubbing nooks and crannies with a tooth brush every so often, it's great x
I bought this when i started weaning my son at 4 months, as he couldnt sit unsupported but this highchair has lots of seating settings suitable from birth. He was very happy in it and always very secure. The tray does sit a touch high but i didnt use the tray until he was about 9 months as he wasnt interested in trying to feed himself until then. The play attachment that it comes with was very good, my son really enjoyed playing with it at 4 months and still does now at 12 months.
my daughter at 5 months was able to feed her self, she was very unhappy in this highchair as even at 6 mths her head only just came over ther tray and sadly it is unchageable, she used to feed in herself in her bumboo seat as the tray was the right hight, since then she had the svan high chair for 6mths to adulthood and it is amazing truley fits all children and babies
I bought this for my 3 months little one! He really like it! Although he just sit there for only 5 mins a day~