Lights Out Blinds

Lights Out Blinds Review

Lights Out Blinds - Pop Up Travel Blinds

What you need to know

  • Fits most sizes and shapes of window and great for travelling
  • If windows are over 1.2 meters they won't be big enough

Manufacturer: Lights Out Blinds

Product: Lights Out Blinds

RRP: £34.95

Sally says

These clever blinds are designed to fit any size or shape of window, which is great if you're at a holiday or relative's house or can't find a traditionally fitting blind to suit your window. Arriving in a pack of two, these open up to fit a window up to 1 x 1.2 metres and make the room really dark. This is great for early sunny mornings and if you're on holiday and want to keep your baby's sleep routines as regular as possible.

Made by Mum and Dad

Mother of two Anne Clay was tired of battling with blankets to darken her children’s bedrooms when travelling and in the summer. So she invented LightsOut blackout blinds. These portable, pop-up blinds attach to any size or shape of window in seconds, needing no size adjustment. They keep bedrooms dark and your children asleep for longer, especially in the summer months when the sun rises early and sets late. Easy to store and pack, they can help maintain your child’s sleep routine on holiday, too.



If they could make a larger option i.e. greater than 1.2metres, it would be amazing. Its near impossibe or really expensive to find black out blinds/black out material big enough for my sons bedroom and these sound like they would be great and a whole less hassle.
This is such a great idea. I have two little girls. Who are now 5 & 4 nearly. Going back to when they were 1+. Itb was a nightmare didn`t matter what blind or blankets i put up to cover the sunlight. It just annoyed, made me stressd and just didint work. Fab Idea. Congtrats. Is the price still £34.95?. Thanks.