How to buy - Buggies and strollers

How to buy - Buggies and strollers

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The expert guide to buying a buggy or stroller

Whether you intend to buy a stroller (or buggy as they are sometimes known) as your only pushchair or want a small, lightweight option once baby is a bit bigger, there are plenty to choose from. From the cheapest models, suitable for holiday travel, to the more luxurious, there are some that only have basic functions and others with a wealth of options. Have a look at these tips to help you make the best choice for you.

Are you a stroller kind of mum?

Strollers are the best choice for you if you:

  • Want a lightweight buggy for the car when baby is a bit bigger.
  • Need to leave a spare – at Grandma’s, for example, or with a childminder.
  • Want to go on holiday without the hassle of taking your larger pushchair.

Some strollers now have almost as much functionality as bigger, more expensive pushchairs. Some can be used from birth and take a car seat or turn into a bassinet. But most of us want them to use for the odd quick trip and holidays, to be light and easy to use and to be able to get both them and our shopping in the car boot!

When you’re choosing a stroller, the most important things are its weight and how small it folds down. Also think about these factors:

The chassis

A chassis that folds small will be useful both to store at home and to throw in the car boot and one-handed folding and a fold lock are good features. Look for larger wheels if you intend to travel over rough ground, smaller ones if you need an easy-to-steer model to get around tight corners in shops. Brakes need to be positive but if you often travel up and down staircases – in stations, for example – look for brakes that don’t stick out at the back, as they catch on stairs.

The seat

Though lightweight strollers tend to have a seat that only faces the front and is not removable, you should still look for a good range of recline position, including lie-flat if you intend to use it from birth or make use of it a lot. A wipe-clean seat is handy, as is leg support that adjusts as baby grows and a generous hood for sun, wind and rain protection. All models here have a five-point safety harness.

Featured product

i’Coo Pluto

The i’coo Pluto is a versatile, lightweight buggy with a glossy aluminium frame for an extremely stylish look. It is made from best available materials to provide quality and durability.

Suitable from birth it comes in a range of both classic (black, brown and beige) and bold colours (jasmine, azure, plum and fiesta). The softly padded seat gives your child plenty of room to grow and its one-hand adjustable backrest and one-touch brake function make life easier.

The hood can be extended to give extra cover on those especially bright – or rainy – days! Add an additional seatpad with an airy upper side to keep baby cool in the summer or a cuddly rear side for winter that comes in a wide range of colours to change the look of the stroller. www.hauckuk.com