Symbio Review

Graco Symbio Travel System

What you need to know

  • The ability to turn baby from front to rear easily is great; good range of extras.
  • Quite a small shopping basket. Handle not adjustable.

Manufacturer: Graco

Product: Symbio

RRP: £499.99

(inc: carrycot with raincover, carseat with raincover, changing bag, cosytoes)

Key features

  • Pushchair type: Travel system
  • Weight: 11.5kg; Car seat: 4.4kg
  • Seat recline positions: 3
  • Folded size: H56 x W58 x D120 cm
  • Adjustable handles? No
  • Adjustable footrest? No
  • Car seat: Graco Logico S HP

Sally says

A fantastic little travel system for those who want to be out and about with baby every day. It's very light and easy to push and has a flip over handle which you can do very easily with one hand, so baby can face the front or rear. The chassis is quite compact, making it easy to store and it can be used as a travel system with the Logico S HP car seat. It comes with lots of extras so the price won't creep up, too.



Loved it as a pram, don't like as a pushchair. Seat is small and uncomfortable, no leg rest. My son does not like to sit in it. Shopping basket is tiny and hard to reach. Bulky. Happy that I changed it!
I have the Graco Symbio B (The newer version of this). I love it. I agree the basket is small, but everything else makes it the perfect system to take you from newborn to toddler. I love the fact it converts from a carrycot to a parent or rear facing pushchair without any additional purchases being necessary. I also love the fact I can flip the handle in seconds to change from forward to parent facing if my baby gets grumpy. My son looks comfortable in the pushchair & it is very stable & easy to push. I'd give it 9/10 - losing 1 point for the small basket (But you can buy a clip on bag to give you extra storage space if you need it).
to be aware car seat is 7.4kg not 4.4kg as stated above, my sister has this travel system, she doesn,t use it anymore, to big and bulky, her little one is only 4 months, so she has bought light weight car seat, and maclaren xt, which weighs as much a the graco car seat
I can't fault this pushchair at all! absolutely love it! Everyone comments on how nice it is and how comfy my baby looks in the car seat, pushchair and carry cot! Although my little girl was not in the carry cot for long as she is quite big, but I did get a lot of use out of it as she was born in Jan so it kept her nice and warm! The carry cot is great when out on walks, as when you get home you can take it off and stand it in your moses basket frame! The car seat is fab and my 6 month old still looks fine in it even though she is quite big! unlike a lot of other car seats! The pushchair itself is lovely and great that you can turn them around so easy! I have not used the foot muff a lot as she has only been in the pushchair part for a couple of months and the weather has been nice! I purchased the whole package on parentsupermarket and saved a lot of money! Only negative thing I can say is that I got a puncture from a thorn going in the tyre when I went off road! Bit of a pain when your quite a way from home! This has only happened once though, and was easy to repair with a cycling repair kit! Brilliant buy!
I LOVE my symbio pram. I bought a great package from Kiddicare and got the cars seat, pushchair, carry cot, small changing bag, weather proof covers and a foot muff! I also got it in the red and black. I liked the carry cot - but we honestly used the car seat attachment more as we were only going out for short periods. I have now moved my wee man to the stroller (only suitable from 6 months) and it is FAB - the changable positions, the fact he can face forwards or backwards - all great, he looks so comfy! One wee thing is that I am glad that we watched the kiddicare instructional video so we knew how to put it together and take it apart - once you know it is soooooooooo easy! in summary, great product at a great price - well pleased!
I bought this system on a package deal saving about £200 form precious little ones in dec 2010 when I was due. The entire system is excellent, friends love it. The pushchair is so comfi and ideal, the car seat can be used upto 12months, my baby is 6 months now. i think the only cons about the system is that the car seat is heavy compare to some others. i really love it and would recommend it to others.
i brought this travel system in 2010 when i was 5 months pregnant. baby is now nearly 10 months and im still using it daily. whilst other mums that had babies around the same time are now thinkin of moving onto a smaller buggy im still no where near that point yet!! i love it still!! really easy to use, the car seat is excellent, my friends have the standard graco first stage car seat with there pushchairs and you can definately see the difference! its more roomier, dd looks more comfortable in hers, bigger hood and 5 point harness instead of 3. my friend has a baby of similar weight and she is already having to think about moving into 2nd stage car seat. my dd will be in hers for months yet as her head is no where near the top of the seat. the carrycot is brilliant with its matress that can be lifted, especially when baby gets to the stage where they want to look around, dd would still fit in hers now if it wasnt for the fact she would climb out lol. it looks very bulky when folded, but with the wheels off i have had it in a peugout 206, 207 and a clio. however it also fitted in my VW golf, Rover 25 and 306 fine without having to take anything of it :) its brilliant, well worth the money!!
my partner and i have bought this travel system for our son due on the 16th october and i cant wait to use it! we got it from babiesRus for a very reasonable price! we both had a good play around with it before we bought it and it was fantastic really easy to fold down and the fact that you can take the wheels off is even better, it makes the whole system very small! we have been told by a few people that the car seat that you can buy with it is one off the best you can get with a travel system, and is really easy to fit. so glad we got this for our son and iam sure he is going to love it jst as much as we do!
I picked this pram before my daughter was born, she's 5 months old now and i still love it! There's a carry cot, car seat, and pram seat that all fit in on a very easy click system. the handle doesn't adjust but i'm 5 ft2 and my other half is 6ft+ and we both find that this is not a problem. Each part has its own rain cover that all fit very well, and you can get an isofix base for the car seat. The whole thing is very easy to maneuver, i've taken it on the bus and in the forest several times on my own and never struggled, and even left up it's quite small in comparison to some other travel systems. The carry cot has a way to raise the head end which is very handy when your child has a cold or chest issues. I do find the material used in the car seat tends to keep my daughter very warm so have to remember not to over dress her when she's in it. other than that i've got to say i've yet to find any real fault with it. Kiddiecare have very reasonable prices on package deals so i had the whole system for under £500 and as it's going to grow with my daughter and hopefully in to the next one, this pram is definitely worth the money :)