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Hi. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant.This is my second pregnancy. I had a previous m.c at 5 weeks. I am a bit worried as i have been having round ligament pain for over three days and am spotting. I have spotted on and off up to now but it tends to ease off after a few days and then start up again. I am not due a check up for 2 weeks and don't know if i am stressing over nothing. I worked a lot of hours and so is my body telling me to do less hours? My OH told me to stop worrying. Any advice please!! :)
I am 8 weeks, 4 days pregnant but I notice today that I don't feel the way I did up to last week. My tummy doesn't hurt as much, in fact cant really remember it hurting more than once today, which was when I woke up. I urinate about 3 times throughout the night, before getting pregnant I slept through the night and didn't wake up to urinate. My breast are bigger and sometimes feels a bit uncomfortable especially at nights as I don't sleep in a bra. My scan is not for another 3 weeks. I am aware that not everyone experience pregnancy symptoms until 2nd trimester. I don't get morning sickness which I am very happy about, I eat more but find that I don't really fancy the stuff I used to love eating. It could just be a matter of me being paranoid as it's my 1st baby, and work was a bit stressful today as I am the only one in the office. Anyone else experienced this??
hi, im 19 weeks and dis is my third child.I have 2 girls 1 is 6 an 1 is 4. i've been really sick and tired dis time around wid my girls it was so easy i counld'nt tell i was pregent at all. so i'm finding it all new with morning sickness an everything else.
Hi folks, I have a 18 month old son and I'm 20 weeks pregnant, my son called Daniel, we don't know yet if we're having a boy or a girl this time but since we found out we were pregnant we have been thinking of names, our surname is Dowds and it is very very difficult to find a first name that sounds right with our surname, any suggestions would be fantastic as we have searched and searched and can't find anything we like, we're thinking of old/traditional names that are maybe slightly uncommon nowadays like Daniel John, names for both boy and girl would be great please x
I'm 37 &2 days and cannot get rid of my heartburn nothings working and I am getting bruising on my vajana is this normal? My baby's heads engaged but my bump isn't really big just can't Waite to meet my princess xxxx
is it safe to use vapour rubs on my stomach. 9weeks
i am 17 weeks and 2 days i got a bump already showing a lot i can not wait till i found out this is my thirst childernted i so happy that i going to be a mum xx
Hi my 4 month old baby keeps stretching her head back as though she's trying to look upside down. She doesn't appear to be in discomfort at all, it just looks a bit strange and i'm not sure if anyone else's little ones are doing this?
Hiya, my baby is 23weeks and decided last night was the night to move her to her own little room as advised by my health visitor as she doesn't sleep very well at night time. She generally goes to sleep perfectly well at 6.30pm and sleeps solid until 1.30am and then wakes up. On a good night she will go back to sleep after 10mins and me putting dummy in, wake up at 3am for same and same again at 5am and then wakes up to be fed at 8am. Last night I put her in her own room and she went to sleep as usual, fine and then woke up at 9pm screaming and I got her back to sleep put her in her cot and as soon as I put her down she woke up screaming so I started the process again, I even went down stairs and left her crying for 10 mins before going back up but that didn't work either so by 1am I had had enough so put her in my bed with my (naughty mummy). I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do to make the transition to their own rooms easier? Thanks, Zoe xx
i just want to know can a nurse or midwife care my child like baby baht and baby massage daily till his/her stump fall out after drying it?Or will i have to do this?
need a bump mate thornton heath or croydon,due in oct 29
Im 13 weeks pregnant with my second. Iv been showing for a few weeks now. But last night im sure I felt my baby move. I know it wasn't gas cos it was a different feeling. I was wounding if anyone has felt there baby so early?
Im 13 weeks pregnant with my second, and im already showing been showing for awhile. But im sure I felt my baby move last night, I know it wasn't gas cos it was a different feeling
hello :) when i gone get my bounty packs number 3?because i get just number 2 thanks
pregnant with twins not sure what to excpet??
hi every1 dey am 22weekz pregnant and wanted to ask dt is it safe to go to cinema wn ur expecting
I have constant nausea, well I think that's what it is, and it won't o away till I go to sleep and everything just tastes wrong. Is this normal and how do I get I'd of it, I'd rather mat be sick that have this feeling all the time.
hiya, i gave birth to my daughter on christmas day last year,and i am wandering whether there is some sort of benefits from yourselves. As i know in America, if you are fortunate enough to have a baby on xmas day, you the mother gets lots of things. many thanks
do you have any idea to become good pragnent
what are the first signs of pregnancy??
what are the first signs of early pregnancy??
At what point should you worry that unruly/bad behaviour is something more that just terrible two's or threes ?
What was the first food you fed your baby when starting to wean? Baby rice / porridge, or something more adventurous?
im 38wks pregnant with my fourth baby, and midwife says her head is not engaged yet.. Is that good or bad and when will she engage?
Which breast pump is better? a manual or an electric one? I am certain i would need one but i am torn between the two. I had a bad experience with the electric one some years ago. I prefer the manual one but that was about 10 years ago. So which one would you recommend? Thanks
My baby is 14 weeks and still gets a fright cry to an extent of wetting himself or even pooing when he sees a shadow on the roof or wall and certain lights too,is this normal?When will he grow out of this?
is there any new mother who are juggling university anda new baby? I am starting my final year placement in Jan and i am terrified!!!! eek!!
There's so many different types of pampers nappies, I currently use Active Fit and baby's grandmother uses Simply Dry, they are both for the same weight but whats the difference and which is best?
when is the best time to go back to work?
Suggest one good tip for new mums (Your little tricks of the trade!LOL)
i would like to know which pampers are better absorbents....pampers or huggies??
whats everyones money saving ideas ?
my son is 3 weeks old today and has really bad tummy ache and his poo is really hard he screams when hes trying to do a poo i gave him gripe water and infacol and was also told by the midwife to give diluted apple juice but he wont take it what else can i do or try?
hi my little one whos 21 months had a abit of rash at the corner of her mouth it cleared up after a while but left the skin a little bit of a white patch, after couple of weeks the rash came back and again cleared up some days you can see it is abit discoloured in that area ,have been doctors who havent prescribed anything as they really know what it is, has anyone experienced this with there little one
Is it easier to potty train a girl or a boy?
I have a son, he is 2years and half. I am questioning myself if I want a second child but can't make my mind up....and scared to regret my decision...
Do you think there is too long waiting in General Hospitals?
Do you agree with putting shoes on babies before they start to walk?
Would you join bounty if was not free?
My 6 month old boy who has been circumcised often leaks through his nappies. I have tried super dry, active fit of 'Pampers' brand and also 'Huggies' ones and now even use size 3 and 4 at times. His pee and pooh both leak and i have to keep changing his clothes. Where am i going wrong?
I'm flying to scotland on wednesday its only an hour flight, i am 5 and half months almost 6 is it safe?
What is ur opinion on childrens vacinations? Would you call someone a 'bad' parent if they refused to have their children vacinated..?
I asked the midwives when I should start weaning my little girl they said 6 months but she wasn't getting satisfied from her bottles (she's 5months) so I gave her some baby rice then after a week added banana. She loves it but what's the best thing to put her on next? and when should she go to roughly ''2 meals'' a day?
what is the best age gap to have between children?
at what age do baby actually crawl?
Is your baby was born in your due date,before due date or after?
Post Natal Depression - do you suffer in silence or do you ask your doctor or health visitor for help?
Did you say yes or no to the controversial Vitamin K injection at birth??