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A Mid-Atlantic English is a lifestyle blog written by an American expat in the UK. Blending an American and British outlook on life, this blog inspires conversations on raising step-families, family travel, nesting, fitness, dealing with homesickness and making new friends.


A Mother's Ramblings

A Mothers Ramblings is the story of an ordinary family that like to have fun. They don't mean to be funny, but quite often they find themselves having conversations that you have to laugh at or in situations that wouldn't be out of place in a British sitcom. The blog is written by PippaD (AKA Mummy), and she is cook, cleaner, gardener, chief entertainer and anything else that needs to be done... as long as Neighbours isn't on!



A Saffa So Good is the mad meanderings of a South African mum living in the UK with The Husband, four year old Squidge, and her 40th birthday fast approaching. She writes about the terror of turning 40, panics about the fact that her face is sliding off, and wonders if she’s a good enough mum. She also tears apart topical news stories, stalks innocent people in the UK and is busy inventing knitography.



All Baby Advice is a blog written by Mirka, a stay at home mum to 3 year old Isabelle. She blogs about bringing up her daughter bilingually and living in England without her family who live in the Czech Republic. She also shares her baby and toddler tips, and writes product reviews.



And 1 more means four and 1 more is a blog written by Amy, she is a 24 year old working mum of five children. The blog is about her life with 5 little ones, sharing the honest truth about parenting, the highs, the lows and the funny bits inbetween.



And then all I thought about was you

And Then All I Thought About Was You, is a blog written by Kerry who is a work at home mum to Baba and partner to Mr L. It is a blog about the somewhat hectic life of being a mummy, housewife, business owner, dog owner, rabbit owner, scrapbooker, and writer. It is written from the heart about the struggles and joys of being all of the above but mostly about our journey as parents!



Baby Loves Disco is slowly but surely transforming the hippest venues into child proof discos as toddlers, pre-schoolers and parents looking for a break from the routine playground circuit let loose for some post naptime, pre-dinner fun.

Make no mistake, this is NOT the Mickey Mouse club, and Barney is Banned. Baby Loves Disco is an afternoon dance party featuring real music spun and mixed by real djs blending classic disco tunes From the 70s, & 80s guaranteed to get those little booties moving and grooving.



Babyrambles is a blog written by Emily, a work at home mum with three children under five. She blogs about the day to day challenges, tears and joy of parenthood and other things which happen along the way.



Baby Sensory Baby Development classes are designed for babies from birth. The weekly sessions provide hundreds of activities designed to stimulate the senses and support your baby’s development. Our classes include music, fibre optic light shows, puppets, bubbles bells and much more.



Bringing up Charlie - the blog about being a dad in a mum's world - charts the progress of stay-at-home dad Tim Atkinson as his wife goes back to work - leaving him holding the baby (and changing the nappies!).



Eco Fashion Rocks is a great place to buy & sell children’s clothing. You can recycle your children’s clothes for cash in an easy, uncomplicated way & shop for great outfits for 0-6 year olds. Help to create sustainable fashion for the next generation and bag a bargain at ecofashionrocks.com. Buy It. Wear it. Recycle It.



Familiesrecommend.co.uk is a site dedicated to sharing great experiences with families, no matter how they are made up. It's a review site where families find inspiration for great holidays, brilliant days out and fantastic customer service. Read real life reviews from families who have been there and tried it, including their top tips for success, find new things to try for days out and share your own great experiences with other families online.



Being a blogger is hard work; being a work out of home mum to two boys is even harder. Join Vic for the fun and madness of a blogging family at Glowstars.net.



Hot Cross Mum is two parts mum, one part writer, blogging to keep a record of her family life and help to keep her brain cells one level above those of her children – just! She hung up her professional boots in March 2009 to take up her new post as a Stay At Home Mum. Let's just say that life has been very busy ever since.



Emma Button is a first time, working mum who approaches motherhood the mellow way. Mellow Mummy is a blog about remaining positive whatever challenges motherhood chooses to throw at you.


Mummy and Little Me

Mummy and Little Me: We stock a gorgeous collection of maternity wear, maternity lingerie, nursing wear, baby changing bags, baby clothes and gifts. Shop Online, or at our boutiques in Birmingham, Lincoln & Leeds. Maternity clothes that will fit and flatter your bump from 0-9 months and beyond - great fitting maternity trousers, gorgeous maternity dresses and tops for casual and work wear. Combine fashion with functionality with our fantastic range of baby changing bags.



Mummy's Shoes is a blog written by Carly Yeganeh, a freelance writer and self confessed accessories junky. She writes about being a mummy for the first time, the ups and the downs and the inbetween bits. From advice on babies and bottles to fashion and food, come and take a walk in Mummy's Shoes.



After hearing his mummy (mami) say she wanted to start a blog but did not have the time, Little M took it upon himself to help her out and started writing for her. Mummy’s Busy World is an honest and humorous blog by Little M, a Chilean-American bilingual tot growing up in the UK and his very busy, sometimes forgetful, yet enthusiastic and funny mami on their parent-child journey. Little M reminds everyone what it’s like to see the world through the eyes of a child.



NHS Choices – your health, your choices



not supermum: Welcome to my world. I'm a single parent mum to two beautiful daughters (aged 10 & 13) trying make the best of raising children single-handedly. A lapsed chocoholic. Nun in training. Happily divorced from the angry ex. Life is good.



singlemummy.net Hayley is a single parent, part time student, part time complimentary therapist and amateur photographer. She became a mum at 16 and within four months as a single mum, she has overcome many stereotypes and stigmas to get where she is today. Hayley likes to write about anything that she can get passionate about and get her teeth into, she hopes her blog will help people to see past the media stereotypes of young single parents and to have a bit more understanding.



Sleep Is For The Weak is one mother’s honest and often raw expression of motherhood as she tries to juggle her demanding young son while stealing all available free time to write, think, grow and try to stay sane.



Susan K Mann is wife to the wonderful Robert and mother to two gorgeous boys (aged three and one). As well as working as a software developer and service manager for an IT Company which she enjoys she has a passion for writing and in her free time, or when she can grab some time in between working, being the best mum she can, housework and being a wife, she blogs about her life.”



The Family Panel Reviews is written by a UK family of four, testing (sometimes to destruction) the good, the bad and the overpriced of consumer must haves so you don't get ripped off. Its its bad they'll tell you its not to be had.



The Last Detail is an online shop, offering its customers a choice of enchanting, hand-picked New Born Baby gift ideas. The company prides itself on steering clear of mass market products, with founder and mother of two, Kaley Gardiner, preferring to keep a small business approach to her ever growing online company – ensuring quality products and exceptional service remain at the heart of all they do. The ideal place to shop for delightful, high quality and unique baby gifts



The Life of the Twenty Something Mum is written with honesty by Gurgle Best Blog Writer 2010 Claire Curran, a busy SAHM of two toddlers who she fully believes are crackers. Find out the real side of potties, bottles and TV overload.



The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms is a practical, visual and amusing book designed to cover the things no one else tells you. Through a humourous style and fun cartoon illustrations moms Erica Wells and Lorraine Regel aim to raise a smile on the faces of those tired, sore and frazzled rookie moms at the same time as addressing their questions, concerns and fears. The Survival Guide for Rookie Moms spills the dark and dirty beans on what it’s really like to survive that first incredible year of motherhood.



VoucherMum.com is a personal blog dedicated to helping mums save money – without giving up the things they love – by sharing tips on sales, vouchers, crafty ideas and free things to do with kids.