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Your one year old toddler is beginning lose the ‘baby’ look and develop a leaner frame. They now actively seek praise from you, but around the 18 month mark might start to fight you on the sleep front as they begin to assert their independence.  More about toddler development here.


Although each new day can bring fresh challenges, you may feel you’re becoming better equipped to deal with them now, and are finding your feet as a parent.

What to expect from your 2 year old
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My son is 15 months and has a

My son is 15 months and has a pillow now i started to give it to him because he took one from the sofa and feel asleep on the floor at nap time so i thought he was ready. I was just wondering how people tell there little one of f because when ever i tell mine off i use my deepest no and massive frown but he just laughs at me and then hits me. what should i do to stop this.

Hi Linny41

I think that its whenever you feel comfortable enough to give your son a pillow and duvet as I gave my son a toddler small toddler pillow and duvet when he turned 12 months as that's the age that I thought was recommended to start giving children them, if that makes sense? All up to you though :)

my lil girl has bin in a

my lil girl has bin in a double bed with double quilt since 13 months she sleeps so much better

Cotbed Duvets

Hi, any thoughts to what age you can put a little pillow and a duvet in a cotbed? My son is 14 months old, is this too young or should I wait till he's older?

Pulling hair

When my 16 month old Son gets over tired or excited he has started to either pull my hair really hard or when he is in his Dad's arms, he grabs his face really hard. We have tried saying no firmly but it doens't seem to have the desired effect! Has anyone got any other ideas about what we can do to stop it?

Keeping up with my Sons Development

Hi my son is 14months old but he has development age of an 18month old and I am struggling to keep him entertained any ideas of what I can do? I currently read to him, get him to find his facial features, does shape sorting what else can I do?

@zoedavies2010. My son had

@zoedavies2010. My son had the same problem and i tried everything from putting water in his bottle instead of milk when we woke through the night. Then i found a book called "save our sleep" bu Tizzie Hall. My son now slwwps 13 hours through the night aswell as a long nap during the day. I hope this helps!

Hi my son is 14 months old

Hi my son is 14 months old and has started to become very clingy with me, i find i cant even go the loo without him screaming the house down, has anyone any advice what to do??


hi my daughter is 1 year 6 months old, she gets up atleast twice a night.. and also is still on formula milk we have tried everything so far to get her on to cows milk she just wont have any..

Hi xtina08, i really wouldn't

Hi xtina08, i really wouldn't worry about the teeth, my daughter 15months has only 5 teeth and still has bottles throughout day and night with water from a sippy cup. I've only just finished breast feeding so bottle is the next stage for us. EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT! There is no hurry, he is still only 17 months old, in many countries women are still breast feeding until 2 years or so, so relax. He'll do it when he's ready.

tooths and bottle

Hello mums!!! i m new on this site.My son is 1 year and 5 months and he has only 8 tooths ,no other sign of something new i don t know were to go with him i never went to the dentist ,but the nurse told me to wait until he is almost 2 years.Second problem i still giving him bottle twice a day (midday and evening befor sleep).I don t know how to stop with the bottle and if is the time to stop.Thank you mumus for your help.

Not sleeping through the night at a year old

From 2 months old my daughter slept through the night then didn't for two months from 11 months-12 months old, she would wake once or twice in the night and no matter what we tried the only thing that got her back to sleep was a bottle of formula or cows milk, risky business but we were shattered, turns out the reason was so obvious! from 10 months old we began giving her a drink of water with every meal, often she would be sick after her food. So one day my sister says she is probably filling up on water and eating to much to compensate hence the sickness, the reason she wakes in the night and the only thing to soothe her is a bottle is because she is hungry! so i felt a fool and now she has a drink after her meal, not during and sleeps through the night once again! Another great tip from my mum is if your child does not sleep through the night before bedtime or at teatime try a bowl of porridge oats, has to be porrdige oats, something in that people with insomnia use, they will not wake up, bet ya!


what age should i take my daughter to the dentice she's still teething at the moment and hasn't got all her teeth through yet but i thought it would be a good idea to find out so im ready to make arrangements for her fist visit. x


@greenhow Try offering him tastes of your drink from a cup or even reuse a cola/fanta bottle. They are a similar shape to a baby bottle and he can copy mummy :) my little girl took to that easier than sippy cups when she was about 10 months. If you think he will spill, try different beakers. You can get soft spout 1s that are made from the same material as a bottle teat but differnt shaped. I also tried giving my daughter fruit shoot. I know they arent the healthiest of drinks at 1yr old, but the bottles can be reused and they have a pop up lid. great for when ou + about.

@greenhow it will take time

@greenhow it will take time now that he is older, its easier when they are younger to take the bottles away, but you just have to be patient and keep giving him juice in a cup instead of the bottle, he will probably be very angry with you and throw the cup away but you have to be strong, it will work xx

getting babys of bottles

if ur trying to get your 19month old change his bottle to a cup thow the day and keep trying u have to explain to him he is a big boy now ,and this is a big boy cup at up at 7am with him give him his breakfast and try to give him a something milky and light for bed like weetabix, slowly reduce his bottle it will be hard at first but he will get used to it put him to bed if he crys let him for 5 min then cheque on him after 5 min then lie him down if he his stood up and walk out and tell him it sleep time now and go out of the bedroom he will eventallygo to sleep by his self that what i did with my 2 year old at that age now he gose to bed on his own and even tell when he want go hope that helped greenhow


i have six children the youngest being 14 months i had all mine of bottles day and night by 1 year it is hard dont get me wrong but the best way is just to thow all bottles away and replace them with soft spout cups they will cry for one or two days but it is worth it in the long run

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Hi i have an 19 month old boy

Hi i have an 19 month old boy and i am trying to get him off bottles throw the day .he has is milk at 7.30pm when he goes to bed and sleeps all the way throw untill 6-7am then he drinks juice in a bottle throw the day . How can i stop him crying for a bottle ?

hi i was recently diagnosed

hi i was recently diagnosed with ADHD and aspergers syndrome is there any other parents in the Swadlincote area with these if so i would like to meet with you to discover how you cope with your child and your disabilities

total lack of sleep

hi tips is what im looking for anything is worth a try as my 1 year old that used to be a angle has now been waking up in the night for a good 4-5months and is a nightmare to get back to sleep she screams stands u i have to get out of bed at least 10 times a night and now she is getting lack of sleep she so grumpy in the day any advise welcome.She is in the same routine as she has always been and goes down at 6 every night is a good eater and i am not used to this as my son is 4 and has neva woke up once thanks


My little boy is 15 months now he goes to bed at 7 every night wakes up once threw out the night for a bottle and goes straight back to sleep, then wakes up at 9-10

My little boy is now 13


how to get my little girl to sit on potty

i want to start potty training my lil girl but when i sit her on the potty she just screams i dont force her but she just really doesnt like it any ideas

potty training

need tips on potty training. I feel very anxious and worried on starting this milestone as I was with weaning my LO of the breast but its just nerves, I know it is! I'm just in need of basic tips for potty training my 19month old as he's showing signs that he's ready to come out of nappies... Baring in mind that i have carpet and I'm sure its a very messy job so tactics needed x thanks a bunch! Qanita 19 Mother of Junaid 19months

hey loopy40, i had the same

hey loopy40, i had the same problem. however i tried the following and i had an instant result and i regret, that i didn't do this when she was 6 months old - put her to bed with her fav stuff toy and a blanket - say good night and i will c u in the morning - go out of the room and close the door - baby will cry, let her cry for 3 min - go in, say good night, cu in the morning, a good night kiss ect. - go out let her cry for 5 min now - she cried go back in, do the same routine, put her back - then start going in after 5 min and increase the time you are letting her alone to 10, 15, 20 ect up until the baby gaves up asking for you and sleeps. it won't hurt the child and it will learn, that crying won't help her to get attention from you - my little one was sleeping within 15 min and every time she woke up in the night she remembered that crying won't help and hugged her tigger and went back to sleep! i am teeling you, it helps - a study shows, that some kids need 3 nights to get over it, but you should not give up! good luck

bounty pack coupon

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My beautiful baby girl is now

My beautiful baby girl is now 15 months old and has only ever slept through the night once, that waas the night of the day she was born. She wakes every 2-3 hours and wants a breast feed, I have tried so many different methods to try and get her to sleep and to sleep through the night, i am a single mum so have no help in the night. She is otherwise a happy healthy and very clever girl often acting more like a 2 year old than the 15 month old she is. But I am worn out, HEP!!

my sleepless nights

my baby is 13 months and still wakes up at night very often.she can can wake up even 10 times a night.i tries to stop giving her milk,just water,or to feed her more often during the day,nothing works.she doesn"t cry,she is just thirsty.how can i get her to sleep all night long?thanks

my 18 month daughter

My 18 month old will not stop beastfeeding, i try give her milk from cup and will not take it, she will not take from anything but from my beast, what can i do, im also the only one that can get her sleep.



my 15 month old daughter really really shy.

my 15 month old daughter is really shy, to the point were if anyone looks at her she doesnt know, she bursts out crying. i take her into work to see my collegues and she gets absolutely heartbrorken. no one dares look at her. i have to older children and they were nothing like this. i dont know what im doing wrong, she gets so upset, its not just work its if im walking down the street and someone stops to say hello to her, she starts screaming at them. its like she thinks im going to leave her with this person. when shes at home shes really outgoing and independant. please can anyone suggest anything? xx

my daughter is almost 13

my daughter is almost 13 months and im finding hard to put her to sleep she wakes up in the middle of the night im really struggling to cope and she follows me around everywhere if i go to the toilet shes there i dont know to now pls help any advise

14 month feeding themselves

hey jantess my son is 18 months and only starting to feed himself a little bit now he would have fed himself with finger foods tho like spaghetti or potatoes i just fed him myself now he takes either the spoon or fork of me 2 feed himself i jus put the food on for him try u child with different finger foods like slices or cunks of fruit and veg little chunks of meat with boiled potatoes just set 1 piece of each on high chair tray and soon enough he'll start taking the spoon and fork they will throw the food away if they dont want it

free stuff

soooo sorry that wasnt me it was my little brother being stupid sorry (:

Lactose intolerant?

Hi! Was wondering if anyone could help me? My 13 month old little girl is lactose intolerant and has been on sma wey soy since she was 8 months old. Prior to this she would wake 2/3 times per night and would have frequent bouts of sickness so as you can imagine it was a huge relief that after only 2 days on the soy formula she was sleeping through the night and so much happier. But now she is 12 months + we are waiting to see a specialist again as the gp, health visitors and midwives won't help us with what to do with her next! I've started her on alpro jr but this has again upset her tummy and we are back to unsettled nights and upset tummies. She also seems to need a huge amount-frequently drinking up to 700ml before bedtime even after eating well/normally all day. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks!

Rash around the mouth

My little girl is 14mths old. She has developed a rash around her mouth which some days can look very red and spotty. She takes a dummy (and loves it!). I have taken her to the local chemist and GP who both advice that it is just the saliva but I just dont know as she has had this rash for a number of months now. Any suggestions/advice...Thanks

Feeding my toddler

My little boy is 14 months old, he is still waking during the night at least twice for milk. I give him food during the day either jarred food or spaghetti shapes or a sandwich, I have tried to encourage him to eat by himself but when he does he just throws it on the floor or pours it all over himself which is all part of the learning process i know. I just feel like he isn't getting enough food? He's my first child and my partner is back at work so am on my own and just feel like i am failing at this getting him to eat malarky, he has juice and water and milk and loves yogurts does anyone have any advice, i'd be most grateful of some tips.

to lora1984

I will suggest you watch JO FROST EXTREME PARENTAL GUIDANCE on channel 4 or on sky if you have sky network. This will help you with your now 21 months old daughter. Be firm in your discipline, let your no be no and give her the reasons its a no no to such activities. And lots of hugs and kisses when she is good.

My daughter is 17months and

My daughter is 17months and only started walking on her own just over 2weeks ago. She would walk anywhere holding your hand or pushing her pram. At 13months it is still early days. It was a confidence thing with my little girl too. Be patient!

iya im not that bothered

iya im not that bothered about the walking because he will walk holding my hand but as soon as i let go he will sit down he will walk like 3 or 4 steps from me to the couch but if its any futher he will sit down im not to worried about that coz i dont think hes got the confidence to let go n just walk but that will come soon what i am a bit worried about is that he cant stand himself up on his own yet with out using the furniture or me to pull him self up hes never done it on his own xx


my little boys the same he is 13mths and isnt walking only when holding on to something but i think he will do it in his own time i just try to spend about 10 minutes a day trying him to walk on his own theres not much else you can do x

iya my little boy is 13

iya my little boy is 13 months and isnt walking yet he walks round the furniture and has been doing for about 2 months but as soon as he lets go of anythin he will sit down straight away he wont try and walk on his own and also he doesnt no how to stand himself up without using something to pull himself up with should i be worried?? thanks gemma x

potty training

find it hard for my son to use the potty who is one year old

hey lora1984 ma son is

hey lora1984 ma son is 15months old and he hasnt slept a full night either he screams for his milk aswell or to get out & when he does go to sleep he wants to get up at 6 or 7am , n screams and moans till he gets out into our bed where he wants to play, he also ha started biting now

my daughter is 20mths old and

my daughter is 20mths old and still has not slept one full night for us. She wakes up around twice a night for milk,i have tried to get her off the milk but she will scream and scream all night long-she is a very strong willed child. She also wakes up and screams to come in our bed if i try to put her dummy in to get her back off she will throw it across the room. She wakes her older sister up every night and has even started smacking and biting her. I do not know what to do with her or why she is so aggressive-i have not slept a full night since she was born! help me!

sleep trouble

i have a 19 month old daughter who will not sleep in her own bed! what can i do to get her in there?

15 month old refusing to eat

Hi everyone, My daughter is 15 months and used to eat a well balanced diet, all of a sudden she has begun refusing to eat anything that isnt puree'd. Has anyone any idea's of things I can try to get her to eat again, all I'm getting from the hv is as long as she's drinking not to worry.

16 months and not walking

My baby is 16 months old is not walking, he is crawling but just won't attempt to walk plz help

really struggling with my 18

really struggling with my 18 month old son, hes never slept a whole night in his own bed. as a newborn he was always so clingy to me i couldnt even put him down to get dressed some days. he will sleep all night in between me and his dad but when we try putting him in his own room he wakes every hour or so until getting so distressed and myself getting so exhausted that i give in and put him in with us. trouble is we have our second due in 3 months time so he really needs to be in his own room before then. i have tried the tough love approach but he sleeps in toddler bed so can get out and into our room and also when leaving him to cry gets himself so distressed that he will be sick. also doesnt help that once asleep his dad is conked out for the night and i have to do all this alone while being 6 months pregnant. HELP!!