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How time flies! Your 2 year old toddler toddler may now be able to run, catch a ball and speak in short sentences. And if you’re lucky, they will now sleep through the night, most of the time at least. Now’s the time you might want to start thinking about potty training, although some toddlers take a while longer before they’re ready.  More about your 2 year old here.


Tantrums may become a regular feature of life for a while as your little one continues to assert their independence. Don’t take it personally - keep calm, speak in a low voice and try to give them a choice to help them feel in control.

What to expect from your 3 year old
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I have a 2yr 8month old and I still have to settle him at night,this is my own fault as I use to cuddle him to sleep as a baby.I take him to bed and we read books (in the spare doubble bed thats in his room)for a while then I say good night and stay there ether beside him or cuddleing him untill he goes to sleep then put him in his cot.We want to take the sides down on his cot but dont feel we can untill he can settle himself at night.If I was to leave the room he would get upset and destressed.I also have a 9 month old who settles himself to sleep no problem at all, but I feel guilty as I speend more time trying to settle my eldest.Any ideas?

viversjones why dont u try n

viversjones why dont u try n teach him the macaton sign for please n thank you it may be easier as it is the same for each which is putting your fingers to ur chin n pulling them away again. i'm teaching my 18 month old a lil bit and as ive tort her it ive said it aswell and now she does the sign and says the pharase. hope it helps

potty training

hiya my daughter is 2 and she still wont use the potty she will sit on the toilet but wont do anything is there anything that i can do or say to convince her to do her buisness on the toilet thanks

potty training

my daughter is 2 next wk and shes still wont use the potty she would rather sit on the toilet but she wont do anything is ther anything that you could advise me on to convince her to do her buisness on the toilet thanks!

hi,my 2 year old son has

hi,my 2 year old son has started hitting me and having screaming tantrums!,he is my youngest of three ans i never experienced this behaviour with my other two,my main concern is how best to deal with him hitting me...any tips??thanks

talking- tips on teaching manners

hi there! my son will be 2 in april and despite having a variety of words and phrases we cant seem to teach him please and thank you of any sort. im probably expecting too much but a simple "ta" will be fine any1 got any tips or easier words? he seems to pick up all other words really quickly thanx :-)

hi im still breastfeeding my

hi im still breastfeeding my two year old any help in trying to stop this as she can be very demanding at times???

getting my toddler off the bottle

My 2 1/2 year old its still drinking out the bottle all the time and it has to be milk he has about 4 or 5 bottles a day plus a bottle threw the night he wont drink anything else he plays with his cups but nothing else i am really wanting him to be off bottles before going to nursery have u any tips that might work?

my 2 year old son

my youngest son is 2 and he still gets up twice during the nightfor a drink.he also has huge tantrums i had him in a 2s group but giv had to take him out as the tantrums are bad am i a bad mum .

broody again!

My youngest child is 2 and he is already at a nursery on monday mornings and he is using the toilet and potty very well everyday. he has very big tantrums and sometimes i find it hard to cope when iv got both my boys at home (harvey is 4 and half and is in reception full time). despite all this i think i want another baby! really hoping it will be a girl this time! is this my hormones or am i just mental!

The right age to switch from cot bed to bed

My daughter is 26 months old and we have been very fortunate that she has sleep all through the night since she was eight weeks old! We decided to change her cot bed into a bed nearly two weeks ago as we were going away last weekend and didn't want the shock of being in a normal sized single bed to be too much for her. Things were great for the first couple of nights, she was proud of herself that she was in a "big girl's bed" but then the problems started. She won't go to sleep now unless one of us is with her - previous to this we would literally put her in the cot bed, shut the door and not hear a peep for 11 hours. She is waking up contantly in the night and coming into our room, this morning she woke up at 2.45am and didn't go back to sleep until nearly 7am. She was so upset when we went away at the weekend that she made herself sick every night. This is so, so unusual for her. She has always been such a good sleeper but now she is completely out of kilter. Does anyone have any advice? Do we persevere and get no sleep or do we accept defeat for now and put the rails back on the bed. Help! xx


My daughter is nearly two, in less then a month, she used to sleep 7oclock everynight!! but over the last few weeks she has started been able to get out of her cot and now does not want to sleep. she gettinh to sleep at like 10oclock please help anyone!!

terrible 2s'!

first time post. am going through terrible 2s' with my little boy at moment and just like jason (jmc300) my daughter who is now 18 was never like this. its stressful ever time you take him out doors, coz he gets so excited, wants everything he sees, never wants to go in pushchair or hold your hand, and lets the whole world know when hes tired but won't go to sleep! on the other hand he is very socialable, lovable, cutest and happiest little boy but has no self control at moment. the advice i have always been given is that they grow out of it, but you have to let them go through it but not run rings around you at the same time!

Handling a 23 month old

Hi, First post on here, I am a stay at home dad, although work part time in an evening, any way I have a 23 month old boy who is really pushing boundries and is going through the terrible 2s stage, we have a naughty corner at home which calms him down and he doesnt really like it but like today when he cried and screamed from getting up to going to bed ( He is not ill, just his daily routine at the moment!) apart from when he had his lunch, juice or had a nap but how do I handle it without resorting to shouting back at him, out 6 year old daughter has been a dream, we never suffered with the terrible 2s stage with her. Any help would be much appreciated Jason

my brother,s daghter is 20

my brother,s daghter is 20 month old and she did not eat anything at all.my brother is very tensed.i dont no what should i do for her.plz help.....


hello. I Have a Little Boy who is 2 and im 34 weeks pregnant. He goes to pre school but he bites the other children, i try to tell him off but he dont seem to lisen. the teacher there said its fustration because he cant talk very well yet, any tips on how to stop him? PLEASE!!


Hey ladies i have a 2yr old and im currently over 25wks pregnant but the problem is my little boy is having bad tantrums im having to restrain him somehow the time out sometimes works not all the time and im not sure what else i can do?

my 2 year old little girl is still not sleeping :(

my 2 year old little girl has never slept all the way though the night, just to get some sleep myself i end up bringing her in with me, and even then she will wake up screaming???? i have just found out im expecting again, and would really love to have my daughter sleeping though the night cause my husband and i will really struggle with a new baby and a 2 year old keeping us awake all night, any advice would help :)


My 22 month daughter eats terribly! I thought I was onto a winner when she loved my curry so I piled loads of veg/meat or fish in and it worked for some weeks but all has gone wrong again. She just will not eat a meal of type of meat/type of carb and veg. Her old favourites, lasagne, cottage pie, fish pie, curry are all out of the window! Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get her onto square meals? I have thought about cutting morning and evening milk to minimum, no snacks at all and no yoghurt. I would dearly love her to eat with us at Christmas so really need some help! Many thanks, Nicky

Potty training on their schedule.

My 2 year 2 week old has been potty training since 19 months but slowly and with lots of fun and praise. First it was playing hats with the potty, then dolly on the potty and then her. She now uses the toilet but still has accidents if she has trousers and no nappy on. She isn't ready yet for that stage so when at home she is knickerless but dry and when going out a nappy goes on. She is asking for pants now so hopefully will be fully dry by April. I work full time and get a little frustrated sometimes at running backward and forward for little or non-existent wees and poos but she just starts singing and chatting! I have had to learn patience and go at her pace or we both end up upset.

getting my 2 year old to sleep at night

how do i get my 2 year old to sleep at night she sleeps for a bout 2 hours in the day but will not sleep at night she sleeps after 10.30 but wen i put her in her own bed she wakes up or if i get in bed with her i get out she wakes up

my son is nearly 19 month he

my son is nearly 19 month he is not sleeping in his bed he try to sleep in our bed wht shell we do?

Sleeping at night

My son is 3 in dec and is sleeping with us in our bed since wen he was 3 months ......now i have put him in his own room in his bed with heis sister in the cot (6months) and he sleeps only will 4am and comes into our room....what shall i do so he stays sleeep all night?????

to Hcwestwood

to Hcwestwood I fell sorry for your situation.....try to go to some support groups I don't know were u can find them but try on the internet....probably meeting other persons with the same problems you will fell better and the u can decide what you gone do next....it is your choice if you want to keep the new baby but don't forget A BABY IS A GIFT FROM GOD.....and maybe now you don't fell ready to raise 2 babys but I am sure that one day u will be very happy. just take your time and think positive and if you fell like luck for help, someone to talk about , maybe your family.....all the best!!!!

potty training

My little boy is 2 and 9 months, he showed no interest in the potty, and was even anxious about it, so I let him stay in the nappies until he was ready to sit on it, which was all he did initially. Three weeks after I started he is now trained, pooing too. Well done Kristian x x


just found im pregnant guesin im about 3weeks but the due date calculator on here says im 6weeks. i have mixed emotions. im a mum already to my 2 year old daughter. but my boyfriend recenlty left me,, confused n upset. i love him loads. but i feel alone now i know he never wants to get back with me... :(

potty training

it think it needs to be renamed, just not sure what to! my daughter was a term into preschool(nearly 3 1/2) when she just turned to me one day and said, i would like to wear big girl knickers, and that was it day and night. i had tried a few times unseccrssfully before all ended up with disaster of her upset and me angry, i have learnt from this and will not be pushing my son until i get the signs.

potty trraining

my little boy is 2 and is very good on the potty he does both wee and poo and will also do both on the toilet but as soon as i put pants or trousers on him he goes in them instead of pulling them down i have tried to tell him that he doesnt have a nappy on and to tell me like usual but he doesnt has any1 got any tips? tia x

Potty Training

I started last summer with my eldest daughter Bethany, (who is now 2 and a half) it went really well until we went on holiday. I never took it back up when we came back, but over the past 10 weeks, Bethany has done it mostly by herself. She went from pull ups and the potty to knickers and the big girl toilet with what seemed only a couple of weeks and has now spent a full week dry on the night time too. Bethany has so much confidence in her self that she is good when we go out too. she likes to wipe herself and wash her hands every time she goes to the toilet. She is quite independent and likes to do things for herself. Both me and my partner have just given her lots of praise and it has seemed to worked. We also did a little reward chart for her because she loves stickers. With patience and detemination from your child, potty training will come naturally.

potty training

help!! my son whos 3 in october will only use the potty when he is naked waist down, every other time he wees through trousers, pants etc and is scared of the toilet. any tips??

slow development

ive had to put potty training on hold because my twins are struggling with thier speech and they are due to go to nursery in january

my daughter is 2 and half she

my daughter is 2 and half she was really quick in potty training , she does both on her potty and she likes to wipe herself she is very independant she loves to do things by herself, trying to get the nappies away from her on a nite time but i dont seem to be able to do it has she is still wee in her bed, i know that she drinks far to much during the day and i think this is the problem. ive tryed lots of things but nothing seem

potty training!!

Mu Daughter used to sit on the potty all the time with her nappy on and she thought it was funny to tell me she was doin a pee but with her nappy on now a just let her run around the house without a nappy on and one day she jst went away over to her potty and did a pee!! which we gave her loads of clapping and she loved all the attention and started to use the potty more we are still not of nappies completely but its a step closer to using the toilet!!

potty training

my daughter is going to be 2 in july,i am trying to potty train her at the moment.she is quite comfortable sitting on the potty but just will not use it. i find it amusing cos she tells me when she has done a poo or her nappy is wet..any tips and advice would be most appreciated

Hi Jenniviser,My little boy

Hi Jenniviser,My little boy was exactly the same - Night Night and then not a peep out of him till morning. We went on holiday for a week at Easter, our 20mth old ended up in bed with us(first time ever, he loves his cotbed) whilst we were away, I put it down to a strange cot and teething. On returning I thought he would be happy to be back in his own room/cotbed, I was wrong.... we had 2 weeks of screaming at bed time and up 2 - 3 times a night, sleep deprivation and work commitments forced us to let him in our bed again. Coming into week 3 looking like a zombie, my Mum friends recommended Tough Love.... similar to Jo Frost - Supernanny routine, if they get up settle and put back down scenario....within 3 nights we were back to normal. I won't lie it was hard work, it is awful hearing your baby cry out for you, but we are back on track and I have my happy go lucky boy back, not Mr Grumpy head tierd all the time.

Hi, I have similar problem to

Hi, I have similar problem to jennivisser. My son was absolutely fine to go to sleep by himself until...we took him to his grandparents for holidays. since that day I have to put him to sleep in our bed and once he fasten asleep then I have to move him to his cot. It is difficult and not sure how to sort it.

sleeping struggles - from nightime bliss to nightmare in 1 week!

I have a 23month old boy who has been angelic to get to bed, 7pm every night, same routine since he was born, he even has waved us 'night nihgt' out of the room regularly so he can go to sleep (how spoilt were we..!) Then, for the first time since he was born, we stayed overnight at a B&B. The cot was in the same room as ours and he just didnt want to sleep, Eventually 4 hours later, we gave in and he slept in the bed with us. Ever since then he has been a nightmare to get to bed, screaming, for hours, regualrly now it takes 3-4 hours to get to bed and wakes up 2 or 3 times in the night where the whole process has to start again - it has been like a switch - where is my nighttime boy gone?? Anyone else experience a similar situation?? solutions????!

Potty Training

Hi im tring to get me son to sit on the potty or the loo! But he crys every time i try and i have ran out things i can do to get him to sit there..... Can anyone hlep!!!

I lost my 10 weeks unborn baby

Frm the biginning the doctors say that the cyst on my ovarian was hormonal cause for the pregnancy, but my pain never goes away, on the 13th of april i flow to Cuba for 3weeks holliday with my 2 babies and my husband 10 days later i start to lose fluids but was clear and go to the doctors there and say that the beat of my baby wasnt see at the screen, they send me to emergency to the hospital for another scan and found that the baby wasnt alive, they done an a emergency interruption, since then i still bliding what can i do?

yummybelly - bed and tantrums

Hi Ya, I had the same problem with my two year old, he climbed out of his cot a few weeks ago and his new found freedom became our new found frustration, he went from settling himself and going to sleep to running around and demanding one of us stay with him till he sleeps!! i work full time and i needed my evening back so i got a sticker chart and i went to the pound shop and got lots of tat so if he gets all his stickers then he gets a treat. He is now back into his routine and seeping on his own, it has improved his tantrums as well ive been ignoring them more and using the naughty chair. BUT the sticker chart £2.99 from whsmith (better bed times) You have to be totally committed though I have religiously stuck to the same routine for two weeks and peace has resumed. well worth it....Good Luck lovely x

i have i two year old girl,

i have i two year old girl, she use to nap during the day but now she does'nt even want to. she does'nt sleep through the night in her bed she will wake up cry and come in mine and won't wake up from sleep in the morning herself. i'm preganant at the moment an due on september, and i tried potty training her biggining of this year but now i can't even handle her. she has a allot of tantrums and is very demanding, im home alone with her everyday her dad's always working so its sooo hard! help?!

kids not sleeping advice for mums

i have a 3 year old boy and a 1 and a half girl and to help them sleep at night put a spoonfull of horlicks in there milk before bed an dont let them sleep in the day if they do get tired during the do a fun activity to living them up trust me you will notice the diffrance my kids are in bed from 8.30pm and sleep all theway to 8.30am

icklemum23 i found after i

icklemum23 i found after i got my 2 year old into nursery and getting to do alot of physical activity during the day he slept right through.

lack of sleep

i have a 2 year old boy and a 10 month old boy, both have never slept through the night. my 2 year old wakes in the night and wont be put back in his bed. my 10 month old will sleep for an hour in his cot then screams and this can happen every hour or more. we are so tired and dont know how to improve their sleeping, any ideas?


my little boy is still not sleeping through the night he does then gets poorly and loses to much weight then has to have milk to put calories back on it a visus circle but very tiring one so so tired!!!

potty training

My little girl suprised both me and her dad by getting a potty out just after christmas and using it instantly with no prompt- a week later however her little brother decided to turn up 5 weeks early and since then we have had accidents after accidents- persume its jealousy but ny top tips on how to get her back on track???? Bribary very hit and miss

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my lil boy is nearly two and

my lil boy is nearly two and winges at and for me alot! im 39 weeks pregnant and am worried that this is going to get alot worse before it gets better, he is very clingy to me and i dont know how to get him out of this. any ideas???

my daughter teigan is the

my daughter teigan is the same she takes her nappy off but then willnt sit on the potty i try everyday and she just says no mommy lol but i keep thinking if i give her time she will do it i think boys are ment to be harder to potty train then girls. i would just give him time and keep asking him to go sit on the potty.

to kbnurse

iya i had the same problem with my little boy all you can do is keep putting her back into her own bed this could take you all night but eventually she will go to sleep but repeat it every night she will cry and scream... but in the end its worth it i did this for 1 week i was tired all the time for that week but now i couldnt askfor a better night sleep...