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Your 3 year old toddler is not choosing to play with other children rather than just being near them. Sharing and taking turns comes a bit more naturally now, and they are beginning to show empathy – ie they can see things from someone else’s point of view.  More about your 3 year old here.


From the age of 3 children can start to understand why they shouldn’t behave in certain ways, and it’s never too early to start setting boundaries for rules and behaviour. Discipline techniques like the naughty step, reward charts and praising good behaviour are all useful tools at this age.

What to expect from your 4 year old
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toddlers not doing poo on toilet

iv been very lucky with my son, took to the potty, then the toilet with ease....but for all those mums and dads who want their toddlers to use the loo......maybe show them you using it, if they see that you do, they may want to copy you? but dont push them, they will do it when THEY are ready :) hope you all have success soon

for cas192

Hi Cas192 my son use to usethe potty for when he had done poos for a little while when he was pooty trained but it takes a little while for them to click...... try and not to worry about it as he will soon click that its not that bad to do poos on the toilet....... prehaps eventually get your son to read a book or have something to look at or talk about or evan counting...... i hope that what i havesaid hashelped you out!! Sarah xXx

I am having the same problem

I am having the same problem as Nandie12, my son will hide when it comes to doing number 2's!! Hes been potty trained for over a year and its still going on. I'm at my witts end as im fed up of cleaning poo out of pants and dealing with dirty nappies from a 3 year old. What do i do?! :/

My little girl is 3yrs 1month

My little girl is 3yrs 1month and is potty trained, and she wears knickers during the day and can take herself to wee but when it come to doing number 2 (poo), she always hides and doesn't want to tell us or take herself to the loo. Still wearing nappies at night of which most of the time it will be dry in the morning. I have tried to time her but her going time is not a same routine. She doesn't scream or make a fuss but a simple calm no when you try to assist her with number 2, if I persist thus when she becomes stubborn and annoyed. She doesn't speak fully but I do understand her well. Please help with my situation.

Potty Training

My little boy was 3 in November and he's still not potty trained. He just screams when I take his nappy off and will not sit on the potty or the toilet. I really don't know what to do with him as he's so stubborn! It's hard as I work full time so I'm not home with him and I am due to have another baby in April!

really proud

my little boy will be 3 april 30th, not potty trained yet but has just learnt to stand on his own, (its a big thing to me because he has downs and quite serious heart problems for which he needs open heart surgery and is on the list), each thing what every child does is fantastic regardless of age/ability. loads of love is the best for any kid

Hi mr Plimmer, my daughter is

Hi mr Plimmer, my daughter is also 3 and has only just been potty trained, she was the last at preschool and I had started to worry. I bought her " i want my potty" which is a "little princess" book. We read it together then she sat on the potty to read it herself. I also had races with her, who could do a wee first, her downstairs on the potty and me upstairs, i always let her win :0) hope this helps and good luck.

refusses to potty train

my eldest daughter is 3 yearsold and refusses to potty train can you sugest anything. I am a single dad since my wife died some months back and i am in abit of a muddle at the moment. thanks mr plimmer

refusses to potty train

my eldest daughter is 3 yearsold and refusses to potty train can you sugest anything. I am a single dad since my wife died some months back and i am in abit of a muddle at the moment. thanks mr plimmer

potty training

I refer to the comment submitted by gandy4 on Monday 17/10/2011 You have done me a favour mentioning this as like you I have 3 children my older son and daughter were ok with it but my youngest daughter who is 3 years and 4 months old by the sound of it is just like your child. I have been worried about it. I don't know if you have cracked it yet but if so can you let me know how you did it please! Cheers

nuty baby

My baby his very nuty,but when i say no baby he lesson to me ,i love him soooooo much ,

I was very worried about

I was very worried about starting potty training when my toddler turned two but soon found i dint have to worry at all, one night during his usual routine he refused to let me put a nappy on him and has not worn one since. He turned three in september and had been dry day and night for six months...thats my boy x

toilet training any ideas?

My daughter is 3years 5 months and still will not use a potty or toilet. She knows all about what happens and follows everyone to the bathroom but says shes scared of the toilet and will not tell us why. she is my 3rd child and the other two where fine. as soon as you take her nappy off she goes hysterical. We've tried everything we can think of, sticker charts, bribery, begging, ignoring we've tried putting her on the loo and potty but she holds herself straight and kicks and screams. Apart from the toilet problems she is a calm well behaved child. Any Ideas or anyone else with the same problem?

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