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As your 4 year old toddler prepares to start school, they may already be able to write their name, and enjoy making up silly words. Imagination and reality can sometimes get a bit mixed up, and imaginary ‘friends’ can begin to make an appearance.


If your child’s a bit of a chatterbox, you may find yourself switching off from time to time. But listening is important – it boosts their confidence, helps them learn new language skills and strengthens the bond between you. When it comes to behaviour, the odd tantrum is still likely, but life should be easier as they start to respond more to reason.


Four year child

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Potty Training

Hi there Im having trouble getting my four year old sitting on the toilet or potty he will not do it and keeps having accidents! Please help im running out of patience and believe me I have tried everything! :(

11071984sarah my son will be

11071984sarah my son will be 4 years old in July, we brought my son a potty when he was 20 months and he wanted to use it straight away because he wanted to be a big boy, he told me he didn't want to wear a nappy anymore and he always used the potty, then at the age of 2 years old he when to the toilet all by himself and got very excited telling me he had a wee on the toilet, so we decided to treat him by telling him choose any toy he wanted from the toy shop (which he was very happy about). That made him want to go on the toilet every time. My husband wanted to take his nappy off at night at the age of 2 years and 2 months (which i was very worried about). We put the potty next to his bed (even though he used the toilet) just incase he thought he wouldn't make it to the toilet, but he went through the whole night without wetting the bed, so we decided to do a sticker chart for every night he doesn't wet the bed he gets his favorite sticker, at the end of the week he then gets to choose any toy he wants. We done that for 2 months then stopped. I can very proudly say my husband was right to want to take them off and my son has NEVER wet the bed. Your son will know when he's ready :o).

hi my son is 4 years old am

hi my son is 4 years old am having trouble with him using the loo for a poo he will do it in a nappy but he keeps saying it hurts when he sit on the loo can any1 help

To Moms with night potty training problems with their 4 yrs old

My daughter will be 4 in May. She stopped wearing pull ups to bed by 30 months (2.5 years), though she was fully potty trained by 26 months. What I did was making sure that before I went to bed I woke her up for a wee and also during the night between 2am and 3am I will take her for a wee (though she is asleep and I have to have the water tap running to register in her sleep induced state that she had to do a wee). It worked. Very soon, I stopped taking her to the bathroom between 2am and 3am and just took her before i went to bed. By the time she was 30 months, if she had a full bladder she will wake up and start to cry or whimper and be restless in bed, that was a cue for me to take her to the toilet. Which meant I wasn't sleeping deeply but also I wasn't going to keep spending money on expensive pull ups. As time went on, if she needed a wee she will wake up and call me from her room and presto that was it! Now she gets up by herself, comes to my room (unfortunately) and tells me she needs to have a wee then she uses the bathroom all by herself. Now if she ever has an accident she feels bad and it seems so unnatural to her that she talks about it for the rest of the day and I tell her not to worry; but sincerely she rarely has accidents. I hope this helps someone.

to answer 11071984sarah

To answer 11071984sarah :My little boy will be 4 in february and has now been totally dry through the night for about 3 weeks. about 9 mths ago he was still soaking wet at night so much so that the nappys used to leak practically every night, we decided to try the huggies or pampers dry nights pants and told him that now he is a big boy he must not do wee's in these "big boy pants" and straight away it improved he had his potty by his bed all night and his night light on so he would be able to see we also limited what he drunk after 5.30 although we still had some wet nights it was more a little wet compared to soaked then a few weeks ago he decided that he was too big for these pull ups and that he wanted to wear proper pants to bed and although i was nervous that he would have an accident touch wood so far so good hope it helps good luck :-)

Being dry at night

My son has just turned 4, i started potty training him when he was 2 and a half, he picked it up really quickly and has only ever had a handful of accidents and these were when he first started, However, he still wears a nappy at night time. i have stopped giving him drinks after 5pm (teatime). But still his nappy is full when he wakes up in the morning. i have also tried getting him up in the night to go for a wee, but he is in such a deep sleep he just doesnt even register i am trying to wake him. How can i encourage him to not wear a nappy for bed? plus they are starting to leak as he is too big for even size 6 nappies, the biggest i can find. i would really like to hear something from any1! many thanks.

To answer Coleenholmes, I

To answer Coleenholmes, I agree with SAM88MURPHY, I also took my son to the toilet about 2 hours after his bedtime as he began having accidents about 1/2 am. After a few weeks of this he is back to going right through until 7am dry. They are still practicing and feel that there will be hiccups along the way but this definitely works to get them back to dry nights again.

my 4yr old keeps soiling.

My 4yr old has started to lose complete interest with going to the toilet day or night and keeps weeing herself though most of the time she poohs on the toilet. She wets herself and continues to play or sit and watch tellie without telling anyone. This is making her sore at times. We have tried absoploutely everything, from rewards to punishments to simply just ignoring it. Butt nothing seems to be working does anyone have any advice who may have experienced this? I am due to have my 2nd child in a matter of weeks and wonder if this could be part of the reason she is soiling herself??

in response to yummymummy3000

I agree that children need the ocasoinal smack but not at all in the way u described i can only imagine what that would do the self esteem of ur child. To me thats abusive behaviour make no wonder ur husband doesnt back u up i think what u described is a disgusting way to treat ur child.

to emish, please don't stress

to emish, please don't stress about you child not knowing all the alphabet children learn at different levels,when she goes into reception there will be other children who are at the same level as her and they will all get there in the end, the teachers will support and encourge your child and you may find that once she's got the hang of it there will be no stopping her and everything will click into place.

Coleenholmes - 4yr old daughter!

To answer Coleenholmes, my little boy has just turned 4 and has just managed to stop having a wee at night time. i used to get him up about 10 o'clock at night and take him for a wee and i did it 4 about 4/5 weeks and it has worked. he hasn't wet the bed now for about a month! hope it helps x

my child is starting reception in september

my little one is starting reception in september. she can not read all the alphabet without my help. what should i do.

time to spank

I've knownsince before she was born that i should to spank my 4 year old daughter and now I'm ready. I belive I should do it how I was brought up. for example my and my 2 other siblins were fighting. My father made us line up againsted the wall we would have to have our hands on our heads, and trousers and pants around our ankles.Our father would then quickly issue spankings on our bare bottoms one by one. It did hurt like hell but it did work because by the time I was eight I was simply angelic and didn't needed a spanking again. How can I perswade my husband to back me up.

bed wetting

My 4yr old daughter is having problems with bed wetting so ive started using bed time pull-ups but im not sure if this is confusing her as they are generally soaking wet each morning and are full. Is there any advice or tips on getting your child toilet trained throughout the night?

starting school

my boy is starting reseption (or foundation.) in sep. he can recoginse most letters put simpal words together and wright his name on his own. but know he is expected to learn it all from scratch joined up!

Night Terrors

I got a plug in night light for my son's room which helped we also had a lavender fabric spray which i would make a game out of every night by telling him to spay the monsters way which he loved doing. All worked for me but it did take a few months before they stopped.

night terrors!!

my little boy has been having night terrors on and off for over a year, and tried various things to stop them but they just return! doctors answer was that he will grow out of it, but just wondered if anyone had any other solutions??? thanks

my child is not learning

my child is not learning corectly im scared! :/

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