Tommy's case study two

Tommy's case study two

”Miscarriage isn’t something people talk about a lot,

but it’s a lot more common than you might think.”

We first started trying to conceive in April 2006 and, by Christmas that same year, became pregnant. I miscarried in January 2007. Medically and physically, I managed perfectly fine, but emotionally, I found it a lot tougher that I could have imagined.

I had this feeling of being inadequate – not being able to do something that other women did so easily. Miscarriage isn’t something people talk about a lot, but it’s a lot more common than you might think.

We kept trying, and I became pregnant again in April, but an early scan revealed an ectopic pregnancy. I was given drugs to induce a miscarriage. Following that, I couldn’t try again for three months whilst the drugs worked their way out of my body.

Three months later, Andrew and I got married. It was a small ceremony – anything bigger wouldn’t have felt right. Three weeks later, we held a wedding party for friends and family – and the week before, I found out I was pregnant. I miscarried again in late September.

My recurrent miscarriages were investigated, but no cause was found. I was advised to take a 6 month break, so see if that would help, but between Christmas and New Year, I found out I was pregnant again. At a nine week scan, I saw my tiny baby waving its arms about in a scan – the first scan I’d had when there was anything to see - and burst into tears on the spot.

At 20 weeks, I found out I was expecting a baby boy.

Barnaby was to be the first grandchild for both mine and Andrew’s parents, and as my dad had three girls, he’d been waiting a very long time for a little boy to spoil!

After 24 hours in labour, an epidural, five midwives and two hours of pushing, Barnaby was born ten days after his due date in September 2008 weighing 7lb 3oz. During the delivery, Barnaby swallowed some meconium, so it was three minutes before he cried. After five days in hospital, Victoria and Andrew brought their baby home.

In 2009, Victoria and Barnaby took part in Tommy’s annual summer fundraiser, Splashathon.

Victoria is pregnant again, and due to give birth on Valentine’s day 2011. Barnaby is very excited about being a big brother!

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