Tommy's plan

The Tommy\’s & Bounty Five Point Pregnancy Plan

Lifestyle can have a big impact on pregnancy health and the future health of our children.

We have a much better understanding today of the link between lifestyle and pregnancy health. Weight, diet and daily exercise, for example, can all have an impact on health during pregnancy and beyond - for both mum and baby.

Tommy’s has developed a new campaign in partnership with Bounty focusing on five key health messages that we want mums-to-be, their families and healthcare professionals to take on board.

We would like to ask you as a Bounty member to commit to one or more of the five pledges below to help give your baby the very best start in life.


Kylie: Mum to Joseph


“I am so passionate about the 5 point pregnancy plan, because, when I fell pregnant I felt at a loss. I was confused about ‘do not diet’ but ‘be careful’. This plan - Nutrition, Weight Management, Exercise, Quitting Smoking and Mental Health will undoubtedly help many women, and hopefully, as a result, see more babies being born healthy and at term...”

Kylie, mum to Joseph – read more about her story at ‘Not Even a Bag of Sugar’




quitting smoking

I am against smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol during pregnancy. For all this damage to a small creature that is within us. To develop better, breathe better, and so on. Mothers Please do not smoke or drink alcohol during your pregnancy for you and your little treasure that will come to light soon. And the little baby is born there are no complications to be born alive and healthy pregnancy light of all future mothers :)

These 5 point pregnancy plan

These 5 point pregnancy plan is very helpful. I appreciate it.