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Approach & commitments

Being a parent requires limitless warmth and compassion, and that’s how we approach things too.

It may sound like a cliché, but ensuring that everyone feels part of  the Bounty family is very fitting and makes our job that much more enjoyable to do.

Whatever activities we get involved in, we always remain focussed on our one core aim; to help parents get the most out of family life and our Bounty promise of ‘Giving mums more’ helps shape this. 

As a free to join parenting club, Bounty will:

1. GIVE you free packs of product samples and money-saving offers for you and your baby

2. SUPPORT you with practical, up to date health information, relevant to your stage of pregnancy and young family life 

3. CONNECT you with other mums and mums-to-be throughout your journey of motherhood

4. NEVER share your details with our partners without your consent and NEVER do telemarketing

5. ALWAYS respond to any enquiries by the next working day


When we meet you in hospital, we will:

  1. ALWAYS check first with the midwifery team if we can visit you
  2. Be a PROFESSIONAL, friendly face – it is a real privilege to be one of the first to meet you and your newborn
  3. NEVER interrupt you if you are sleeping or if you are feeding your baby
  4. Give you CHOICE - you are not obliged to be contacted in future in order to receive a free Bounty pack or a child benefit form
  5. In hospitals where we provide a service, we will offer to take professional PORTRAIT photographs of your baby if you would like – any decision to purchase can wait until you get home

If you have any questions or suggestions please email us at any time: 


Our team

Within the company we work with integrity and as part of one family. We believe in our values and we enjoy what we do. If anyone understands the demands of family life, it’s Bounty, so we aim to be flexible to accommodate family commitments for our people. We are proud of our Bounty Code of Conduct for our employees:


Bounty Code of Conduct – All Bounty  employees

1. IDENTIFICATION & COURTESY – Always introduce yourself each day at the maternity ward reception, and ask the ward staff to confirm which mums you can visit – it is imperative that mum has been seen by a midwife after giving birth before you visit. 

2. HYGIENE/ CROSS INFECTION - Use hospital provided hand sanitizer and / or wash hands between visiting each mum. Ensure clothing is kept above the elbow and follow hospitals’ best practice guidelines.

3. Skin to Skin contact and baby feeding - never interrupt a mum who is in skin to skin contact or breast/ formula feeding her baby.

4. World Health Organisation CODE COMPLIANCE - Bounty fully supports the WHO recommendation for exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first six months. Therefore, NEVER offer comment or any kind of assistance relating to breast or formula feeding – ALWAYS REFER MUM TO WARD STAFF.

5. PRIVACY - Respect mums’ personal space at the bedside, stand far enough away for her not to feel crowded. If the curtains are drawn, NEVER draw them back or peep around the curtain without first informing mum that you are there and asking her if she would prefer you to come back later.

6. PERSONAL OPINION - at no time offer any opinion or comment regarding the health or well being of mother or baby.

7. DATA PROTECTION - Always ask mum if she wishes to give permission for her details to be shared with Bounty and other carefully selected companies. (Provision of mums’ contact details and permission is NOT a condition for receiving the Bounty bag). 

8. CHILD BENEFIT FORM – Do not take the Child Benefit form out of the pack or say anything to imply that mum must join Bounty to receive the Child Benefit form as this is not true – Again, provision of mums’ contact details is NOT a condition for receiving the Bounty Bag or Child Benefit form

9. CONTACT WITH THE BABY - In the case of Bounty Portrait services, ALWAYS follow hospital policy on handling baby and where permitted, NEVER touch the baby without seeking mums’ prior permission nor suggest pacifying the baby with a feed or dummy. 

10. BOUNTY PORTRAIT - offer mums the opportunity to have a photo taken, take pride in offering the highest quality portrait possible, but NEVER pressure her to accept the offer or purchase at bedside. Baby’s photographs are never taken for “security purposes” and mums should not be told this.

REMEMBER - All Bounty Services are offered on the basis of choice and this code respects mums’ freedom of choice.

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