Combination Car Seats

Combination Car seats designed to be rear facing for young babies and forward facing as baby grows.

What are combination car seats?

Combination car seats are designed to cover multiple groups and are most commonly used to cover 0+/1 or group 1/2/3.

For Group 0+/1 there are standard versions that cover rear facing until 13kgs (approx 15 months), then must turn around to face forwards until 18kgs (approx 4 years). However there are also special combination seats like the Joie car seat range that offer extended rear facing solutions for Group 0+/1 allowing the child to remain rear facing until 4 years if desired but alike the standard version can face forwards anytime from around 12-15 months old.

With combination seats that include groups 2 & 3, this allows the use as a booster seat, so offer great value as a group 1/2/3 and can be used from 1-12 years of age, so perfect for second cars or grandparents for example.

How much do combination car seats cost?

Combination car seats can range in price from a reasonable £60 that suits all budgets right through to some top brands offering these seats for around the £200 mark.

Top tips

These seats are a great option, particularly for use in grandparents’ cars for example as they are designed to stay in the car and not be taken in and out like a Group 0 car seat.

Keeping the seat continually in the car means that you have the peace of mind the seat is correctly fitted at all times.

Safety first

It is essential that when you buy a combination car seat you check immediately that the seat can fit correctly according to your installation instructions in your car. It must fit correctly both rear facing and forward facing.

It is also important to be clear from your product manual the advised age that your child should stay in rear facing and be sure to follow these instructions.

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Joie – Elevate 1/2/3

RRP: £70 - Buy now

Meet Elevate. A streamlined guardian designed and engineered to tag along from 1-12 years. Flexible features grow to go the distance.
3 seats in 1 – A group 1/2/3 child seat and booster suitable forward facing from 9kg to 36kg

  • The car seat is available in the 1/2/3 Group.
  • It is suitable as a forward facing car seat from 9kg to 18kg with harness, and as high back booster from 15 to 36kg/12 years.
  • The seat has side impact protection and it provides added security for the head, body, and hips.
  • One-hand, 9 position height adjustable headrest.
  • Grow Together™ headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and require no rethreading of harness.

Age: 12 months up to 36kg
Product weight: 4.7kg
Dimensions: L49 x W48 x H83.8
Product Usage: 9kgs -36kgs (approx. 12yrs)

Why we love the Elevate ....

  • This car seat is designed with safety and comfort at the forefront.
  • We adore the smart design of this seat.
  • It is reasonably priced for a seat that can last your child from 1 year right through to 12 years.
  • We love the added protection for side impact and the extra attention to head, body and hip safety.
  • Loving the 9 position height adjustable headrest that can be moved with one hand.
  • The headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and are really easy to use.


Joie – Every Stage car seat

RRP: £200 - Buy now

  • This seat can be used rearward and forward facing.
  • Transforms to fit - AutoAdjust™ side wings and headrest grow up and out simultaneously and the side wings widen as you raise the headrest.
  • You can install this seat using the car’s seatbelt.
  • This seat is a powerful protector - Multi-position Guard Surround Safety™ with side impact protection panels.
  • The car seat has a reinforced steel inner seat shell.
  • Custom Harness Hideaway compartments store the 5-point harness when using as a Group 2 booster.

Age: birth (0+months) up to 36kg
Product weight: 8.24kg
Dimensions: L54cm x W52.6cm x H85.5cm

Why we love the Every Stage car seat ....

  • This car seat can last you the entire time your child needs a seat from birth right through to 12 years old.
  • We adore the comfort of this seat that can adjust (up to 10 headrest positions) to get the right comfort for your child.
  • We love the enhanced side impact protection panels that can be folded into the seat when not needed.
  • The fact that this seat can recline in both back and front facing positions is probably our favourite bit.
  • Loving that this seat  has been designed with plush fabrics and cushioning and features built in ventilation with mesh side pockets to keep favourite items close to hand on your journey.


Joie – Tilt car seat

RRP: £70 - Buy now

  • This car seat is designed for car seat group 0 plus and 1.
  • It  is a Multi-reclining seat that reclines to four positions.
  • It is designed for use with 3 point seat belts.
  • This car seat can be used as a rear facing and front facing seat.
  • It has a five point harness for added safety.
  • It has body support cushions for younger children and an adjustable head support.
  • Removable washable cover.

Age: birth (0+months) up to 18kg
Product weight: 6.1kg
Dimensions: H63.5, W45.6, D47cm

Why we love the Tilt car seat ....

  • This car seat is designed with baby's comfort in mind and can be easily reclined to make baby comfortable for nap time or nice and upright to watch the world go by from the window.
  • We adore the soft padded supports for young baby's comfort and the fact they can be removed as baby grows.
  • Safety is also high on the agenda and the five point harness helps to keep baby’s hips and body positioned safely in the middle of the seat.
  • We love that this car seat has handy harness sleeves for comfort and a quick release buckle for convenience.
  • Loving the removable washable cover as it’s bound to need it often.
  • It’s adjustable head support allows baby to get really comfortable while travelling in the car.

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