Playgyms and entertainers

Let your baby play in a safe and fun environment and also help with their cognitive development, visual perception and teach them how to grasp and reach.

What are playgyms & entertainers?

The playgym, entertainer or bouncer is a brilliant option for having somewhere safe and sound to put your baby down that entertains them and helps in their early development.

Many parents choose these products as a fun option that is safe for their baby.

Playgyms – Comfortable, safe and fun for baby, playgyms help your baby’s cognitive development where they can learn to repeat something they did by chance. The bright colours help baby to develop their visual perception and grasping and reaching for the dangly toys helps their hand eye coordination develop.

Entertainers – Working in the same way as playgyms, entertainers are alternatives to provide a safe environment for your baby, designed in bright colours with a variety of toys to keep them entertained. It also encourages your baby’s gross motor skills by developing their muscles in their legs, arms, necks, backs and tummies.

How much do baby playgyms & entertainers cost?

Playgyms & entertainers can vary massively in cost from very simple gyms that start at around £25 and the more detailed and varied gyms from different brands can range up to around £80.

Top tips

Playgyms & entertainers are designed to grow with your baby and are usually suitable from birth. Initially it may be simply a safe place to put your baby down and early on he may not be able to focus on much of the gyms accessories other than what is right near him. As he grows he will be able to explore the variety of colours, textures and sounds.

Which playgym or entertainer is right for you?

There is a huge choice of playgyms and entertainers to choose from and you can pick what is right for you in various ways. If space is an issue in your home, there are smaller, simpler versions you can choose from that don’t take up so much room. If budget is an issue, some brands offer cheaper, more basic playgyms and entertainers to suit all budgets. If you really want to go to town, a variety of brands offer bigger versions that have all bells and whistles to keep little one entertained.

Ready to buy?

Take a look below at some of our favourite Playgyms and Entertainers.

Little Bird Told Me – Softly Snail Multi-Activity Playmat & Gym

Little Bird Told Me – Softly Snail Multi-Activity Playmat & Gym

RRP: £55 - Buy now

  • The playmat is designed for young babies but grows with your baby to become a fun playgym.
  • Designed for comfort and fun, the playmat is with bright colours.
  • The thick cushion gives your baby a comfy headrest when on his back but also a good and comfortable tummy support for tummy time.
  • Activities include detachable hanging toys with chimes, rattle and squeaky noises to entertain baby.
  • The musical pull toy also plays a lullaby when pulled.
  • The mat also includes a teething ring and variety of textures and feels for baby to explore.

Age: Suitable from birth
Dimensions: 85cm x 85cm x 50cm

Why we love the Softly Snail Multi-Activity Playmat & Gym

  • We absolutely love the fun colour combinations of this mat which is great for baby’s early sight development.
  • We adore the variety of detachable toys that baby can play with and the toys can even be used in the car or on baby’s cot.
  • Everything about this mat screams fun for your baby, with the different textures and sounds and  a teething ring for your baby to really get his teeth into when teething.
  • The music is probably our favourite bit: The fun sounds and cute lullaby will help your baby feel comfortable with the familiarity, even if you feel the repetition is getting to you now and again!
  • Loving the thick padded mat itself that will be so comfy for baby.
  • It’s machine washable so it will stay looking great as long as you need it for.

Galt – Playnest and Gym Farmt

Galt – Playnest and Gym Farm

RRP: £45 - Buy now

  • It’s all about learning about the farm with Galt’s Playnest and Gym with a host of farmyard animals for your baby to enjoy.
  • It is an inflated ring that will keep a young baby safe and secure and protect an older baby as he learns to sit up unaided.
  • The gym has a whole host of things going on for your baby from hanging toys to different sounds textures throughout.
  • The bright colours will help your baby’s early sight and keep them entertained.
  • The hanging toys are removable for your baby to play with.

Age: Suitable from
Assembly to build this item is required
HWD: 35.7x40x8.5cm
Batteries required: 3 x AA 1.5V (included)

Why we love the Playnest and Gym Farm

  • This playgym oozes fun with its bright colours and intricate pictures of all things farm.
  • We adore the funky bird and butterfly removable hanging toys that your baby will love to squash and squeeze as he explores the different textures.
  • Everything about this playgym suggests fun for younger babies and older babies as it is a comfortable and safe option for baby to play.
  • The inflatable ring is probably our favourite bit as it can be deflated if you need the space and reinflated for baby, making it a great option to take with you when you are out and about.
  • Loving the press-on, press-off brake – so no scuffed nail polish when wearing sandals or flip-flops.
  • The removable bars means it can be a safe and fun environment for older babies who are learning to sit up unaided as the inflatable sides protect them if they wobble.

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