Maternity clothes

Look and feel your best during pregnancy with stylish and comfortable maternity clothing

What are maternity clothes?

Maternity clothes are quite simply clothes designed to compliment your changing body during pregnancy.

Many popular brands of women’s clothing now have their own maternity range to offer pregnant women the choice of styles and clothes they would wear normally.

How much do maternity clothes cost?

Maternity clothes can range in price just like any range of women’s clothing. Various women’s clothing brands have their own maternity collection in all price ranges including supermarket brands right through to top end clothing brands.

Benefits of maternity clothes

Investing in maternity clothes in pregnancy is advisable as your body, not just your belly, will change throughout your nine months and being comfortable and wearing clothes to compliment your changing shape will help you feel and look your best during pregnancy.

Maternity clothes are available in all clothing types from tops, shirts and jumpers to trousers, jeans and even evening wear.

Ready to buy?

Take a look at the different types of Maternity Clothing available below.

Asda – Over the Bump Maternity Skinny Jeans

Asda – Over the Bump Maternity Skinny Jeans

RRP: £16 - Buy now

  • Fashionable skinny jeans that cover your growing bump.
  • Stylish slim cut jeans that can be worn throughout pregnancy.
  • Chic faded black, that can be worn during the day or out for an evening.

Why we love Asda’s Over the Bump Maternity Jeans ....

  • We love that the skinny design of these jeans give you the modern jean look, even with a growing bump.
  • We adore how comfortable these jeans are to wear.
  • The over the bump section of the jeans gives your bump and back added support.
  • The faded black colour is a popular look.
  • We love that they are reasonably priced to suit all budgets and well worth the investment during pregnancy.
  • To make life easy, they are machine washable and can be ironed with a cool iron.
  • Most exciting of all, they look stylish and can be worn for most occasions, dressed up or down, whatever you want.

Asda – Under the Bump Maternity Skinny Jeans

Asda – Under the Bump Maternity Skinny Jeans

RRP: £16 - Buy now

  • Dark wash maternity jeans designed to sit under your growing bump.
  • Fashionable skinny leg style but with an adjustable waist for comfort for your growing bump.
  • Reasonably priced stylish jeans with pockets in the front and back.

Why we love love Asda’s Under the Bump Maternity Skinny Jeans ...

  • We love the skinny leg, flattering style of these jeans.
  • We adore the comfort feel of these stretchy jeans.
  • They are great value for an everyday maternity item of clothing.
  • Easily washable makes them a handy addition to your maternity wardrobe.

Asda – Maternity Dotty Lounge Pants

Asda – Maternity Dotty Lounge Pants

RRP: £10 - Buy now

  • Comfortable lounge pants for pregnant women.
  • A black and white dotty design that can be a versatile addition to your maternity wardrobe.
  • Made with a cotton rich fabric for a lightweight pair of maternity trousers.
  • Elasticated waistbands and cuffs.
  • Reasonably priced for a maternity wardrobe staple.

  • Why we love Maternity Dotty Lounge Pants....
  • We adore the lightweight comfort of these maternity trousers that however uncomfortable you feel in pregnancy, will keep you as comfortable as you can be.
  • We love the added comfort of the elasticated waistband and cuffs.
  • In a black and white dotty design, these can be a good staple for your maternity wardrobe that can be paired with most things.
  • Best of all, these trousers are incredibly good value, suitable for all budgets and well worth adding to your maternity wardrobe.

New Look – Black trousers

New Look – Black trousers

RRP: £19.99 - Buy now

  • Designed to be worn under your bump.
  • Ideal for smart workwear during pregnancy.
  • These black trousers have a pleated front making them a smart choice for wearing as part of a suit.
  • Ankle length, can also be a handy wardrobe essential for a night out, or even during the day.
  • Not expensive, so a smarter option for all budgets.

  • Why we love the black trousers ....
  • We love the smart finish of these pleated front, ankle length trousers that are finished off perfectly with that little pair of black heels.
  • We adore the comfort these give pregnant women with their growing bump.
  • The reasonable price means any budget can afford these smart option trousers for those one off occasions.
  • We also love that these are easily machine washable at 40 degrees, so a real easy addition to your maternity wardrobe.

Asos – Maternity Wrap Front Sequin Midi Dress

Asos – Maternity Wrap Front Sequin Midi Dress

RRP: £75 - Buy now

  • This dress is lined with a sequinned mesh.
  • It has a wrap front design that sits comfortably over your growing bump with a stretchy waistband.
  • The dress is fastened with a zip at the side with a V-neckline.
  • A Stylish options for those dressy occasions you need to attend during pregnancy.

  • Why we love the Maternity Wrap Front Sequin Midi Dress ....
  • We absolutely adore the beautiful look of this wrap dress that doesn’t compromise style for maternity fashion.
  • We adore the sequin detail of the dress.
  • Ideal addition to your maternity wardrobe for those must attend events that may creep up during your pregnancy, from a wedding, to a christening or even just a nice meal out with your partner, this dress will have you looking good throughout your pregnancy.
  • We love that this dress isn’t too expensive, so if you have formal events in the diary, it is worth the investment, and is classic in style so could be worn again in future pregnancies.

Mothercare – Rhona Sutton Pink Maternity Tankini

Mothercare – Rhona Sutton Pink Maternity Tankini

RRP: £20 - Buy now

  • Gorgeous pink tankini designed specifically for pregnant women.
  • Stretchy enough to adjust to your changing pregnancy body.
  • Ruched sides for an extra flattering look.
  • Reasonably priced for a nice addition to your summer wardrobe.

  • Why we love the Rhona Sutton Pink Maternity Tankini ....
  • We love the stylish look of this bright pink tankini.
  • We adore the comfort for your changing pregnancy body.
  • The ruched sides give you an extra flattering look.
  • Reasonably priced, this is a great investment for a summer holiday when pregnant, and the amount of times you need to visit the toilet when pregnant, it’s handy this is a tankini and not an all in one costume!

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