Double pushchairs

Double Pushchairs

If you want to easily transport your twins or baby and toddler, then consider buying a double pushchair; there are plenty to choose from

What are double pushchairs?

If you’ve more than one child, a double can be the difference between a good day out and a tantrum-filled disaster – especially if they are close in age, or just too small for a buggy board.

And if you’ve twins or more – doubles are essential (you can get triple buggies, yes!)

Like other buggies, there are many styles to chose from and your decisions should be based on the same principles: amount of storage you have, whether you use your buggy in a busy town with narrow pavements, or on shopping centres and supermarkets where there’s plenty of space and smooth floors! There’s always the 3-wheel option, too.

Twin – Side-by-side double pushchair, usually with the same size seats. Often adjustable, most are suitable for use from birth; just check that at least one seat reclines flat. A very stable option and plenty or storage underneath.

Tandem – One seat in front of the other makes this narrower than a twin. Usually the same width as a standard single, it tackles narrow spaces easily. Many are compatible with an infant carrier car seat, which makes them great if you frequently travel by car.

Three-wheelers – there are a few brands that make a double three-wheeler. Usually these are a tandem, with one behind the other and offer more of an off-road capability than others.

How much to double pushchairs cost?

Prices vary massively, as the range of options is vast. You could pick up a fairly basic twin umbrella for around £150, although the majority are in the region of £200-£250. You can also spend well over £1,000 on a top-end label, then more again on its interchangeable seat options.

Top tips for buying double pushchairs

Doubles are a very personal choice and depend on so many factors, from the age gap between your children, to the journeys that you make with them.  Try out as many as you can and even ask friends if you can borrow one for an afternoon.

Weight – Some doubles can be heavy and require strength to get them up and down kerbs. It’s all in the technique!

Trays – once little ones start to grow, a front tray with bottle holder can be really handy. As are top trays for mums, too.

Accessories: Some retailers make generic double rain covers that work across a couple of pushchair manufacturers.

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the popular double pushchairs below.

Baby Jogger City Mini Twin

RRP: £449.99 - Buy now

A lightweight, manoeuvrable double buggy which folds down quickly and simply, and is stylish at a good price point.

  • Quick-Fold technology for fast and easy folding
  • Reclinable seats
  • Peek-a-boo window on each hood (which is SPF 50)
  • Front wheel suspension for a smooth ride
  • Lightweight with 8-inch lockable front wheels for different terrains (not suitable for jogging)

Age: Birth to 4 years
Product weight: 12kg
Dimensions: L98cm x W76.5cm x H105.5cm
Folded: H28.5cm x W76cm x L78.5cm

Why we love the Baby Jogger City Mini Twin....

  • The hood is unexpectedly brilliant – it comes down so far you don’t need the rain cover unless it’s bucketing down.
  • After struggling with other makes’ ingenious but fiddly fold-away mechanisms, it’s something of a relief to fold this one in half – and that’s it, all done.
  • A good balance between comfort and city-sharp styling – and it’s still narrow enough for most standard width doorways
  • We’re loving the purple and teal for a colour surprise.

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