Sleeping bags

Baby sleeping bags

Baby sleeping bags are a great way for your baby to stay warm at night.

What are baby sleeping bags?

These cosy sleeping bags are fantastic for babies. With sheets and blankets, they can kick the covers off, get cold and wake up crying. They can also wriggle underneath, which can be dangerous if their head gets covered. Basically, most babies seem to really like sleeping bags and sleep better as a result – what’s not to like!

Which baby sleeping bag is right for you?

Look for bags that offer these great features:

  • poppers on the shoulders – makes it easier get them on a wriggly baby
  • a zip down the side or around the bottom – essential for changing nappies quietly during the night
  • poppers under the arms – to adjust the size as your baby grows
  • soft, natural fabrics - like cotton
  • soft neck and sleeve edgings – for ultimate comfort
  • covered zips – to protect your baby’s delicate skin

What’s the tog rating?

Sleeping bags are tog rated, just like the duvet on your bed. The temperature of the room is most important, so choose your tog accordingly.

When your baby’s room is at the ideal temperature - around 18°C - you can be confident a 2.5tog sleeping bag, together with a long-sleeved vest or top underneath, is perfect.

During the warm summer months, a 1.0 tog is ideal. You can also buy a 0.5 tog for very hot days or hot holiday destinations.

What sizes do baby sleeping bags come in?

These fab little bags come in several sizes – typically newborn to 6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months. Many parents stop using them when their toddler moves to a bed, but you can get a 3-6 years size for kids who really love them!

When choosing the size, just make sure your baby’s head can’t slip inside the neck hole.

How much will baby sleeping bags cost?

Prices range from around £15 - £50.

Top tips for buying a baby sleeping bag

You may want to buy more than one so you’ve always got one clean – that said most are machine washable and can be popped in the tumble drier so they’re clean and dry at short notice!

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the popular sleeping bags below.

Sleeping Bag Grobag


RRP: From £33.00 - Buy now

The original baby sleeping bag that now comes in a fantastic array of sizes and designs.

  • Winner of 6 gold awards
  • Comes in 2.5 tog (spring, summer & autumn), 1.0 tog (summer) and the new 3.5 tog for colder winter nights
  • Uses high quality fabrics: the official British Standard is actually based on Grobags’ specifications
  • Travel version has holes to fit buggy or car seat harness plus two-way zip
  • Comes with a free nursery thermometer

Sizes: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-36 months, 3-6 years, 6-10 years

Why we love the Grobag....

  • With over three million Grobags sold since the company started the trend for baby sleep bags back in 2000, who can argue with this trusted and well-loved brand? Mums say they’re the secret to a good night’s sleep - for all.
  • Loving the ever-changing designs so you can stick with plain and classic or opt for something funkier. Kissing rabbits, anyone?
  • You can wash and wash these bags, and the zips/poppers still work perfectly.
  • The extra underarm poppers help young and small babies feel snug and secure.
  • Some kids get so addicted to their sleep bags that the Gro Company now makes them for 3-6-year-olds and 6-10 year-olds!

Baby sleeping bags

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