*Limited Christmas Edition* Whisbear with CrySensor

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*Limited Christmas Edition* Whisbear with CrySensor

Whisbear with CrySensor Limited Christmas Edition – the revolutionary sleep time guard and stimulating playtime companion is now just a click away!

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Whisbear® - the Humming Bear with CRYSensor has been designed to help babies settle and fall asleep by recreating soothing sounds baby remembers from the womb.

How does it work?

The Bear will shush initially for 40 minutes and then switch to a standby mode. During the standby mode the device continuously analyses the surrounding sounds and as soon as it recognises baby's cry it switches on for additional 20 minutes. The Whisbear's volume can be manually adjusted to suit your baby's needs.

But it is more than just a sleep aid!

Eco-dyed fabrics and hypoallergenic stuffing ensure that Whisbear is safe from the very first day of baby's life. And when your baby is ready to play and discover, Whisbear will provide hours of fun and sensory stimulation thanks to contrasting colours and rustling elements in paws and ears

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