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Award-winning Natural Moisturiser

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Award-winning Natural Moisturiser

Pure, moisturising and nutrient-rich shea butter to nourish and protect all skin types. This recipe, originally developed for the demanding needs of baby's skin turned out to be just as popular with adults.

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Enjoy the benefits of highly oleic Vitamin E from Grape Seed and Olive oils and the unparelled goodness of jojoba oil.

For adults, the matte and versatile nature of She butter means that Baby Stella's butter works as just as well on the face. Check out Mama Stella's Tips(below) for more about this.

Baby Stella's Butter has no parabens, no preservatives, no sulphates, no colouring - absolutely no nasties. And it comes in recyclable packaging!

100% natural ingredients
No parabens, no preservatives, no suplates... NO NASTIES!

All solid oils melted using gentle heatin a double boiler - this retains all the vitaminsand other goodness that is often lost in commercial settings.