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Raincover Compatible With Stroller / Buggy

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Raincover Compatible With Stroller / Buggy

These quality made raincovers has been produced to the highest standards of safety and protection for your child. Very simple to assemble and take off.

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The overall size of the raincover when folded allows you to store it in the shopping basket with no problems whatsoever and leave more than enough room for anything else that needs carrying.

The PVC used is a high standard, which means that not only will your child be properly protected from the rain, but the raincover actually provides a better protection against the sun, being extremely more protective against UV light than the standard raincover.

There are parts of the raincover that have been left open for the ventilation of the pushchair, in positions that are perfect for allowing fresh air into the pram, but will still keep its integrity in the rain and protect your child. 

high quality also means that the cover will not crack or split in cold weather but is still crystal clear, not affecting the visibility through the cover at all.

The higher standard of production of the raincover also mean that, although it is flexible, the strength and durability are not effected at all.   

Raincover does not cause any problems regarding spaciousness for your child; they will still have more than enough room to get and stay comfortable.