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Toddler Tricycle or 5-in-1 Kids Scooter - 3 Colours

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Toddler Tricycle or 5-in-1 Kids Scooter - 3 Colours

Zoom around on three wheels with the Tricycle or Scooter.

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Choice of 2 ride-along models for children of all ages
Tricycle available in blue or yellow
5-in-1 scooter available in pink or blue
Funky brightly coloured designs look awesome in action!
Helps the development of balance and co-ordination skills
Please see Full Details for Individual Model Specifications
5-in-1 scooter can be fully adjusted to fit children as they grow up
Stable tri-wheel design and textured handles provide additional safety
Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play!
Constructed from high quality materials and metal frame
Tricycle suitable for toddlers and Scooter designed for children aged 1 - 8 years
Ideal wheeled toys to keep kids active during summer