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Sea Life Aquarium + Souvenir – 20% Off Walk up Rates


Sea Life Aquarium + Souvenir – 20% Off Walk up Rates

Set sail on a fun, exciting and educational voyage through oceans near and far alongside one of the world’s largest collections of marine creatures at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium!

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Just some of the exciting exhibits and attractions include: 

The Shark Walk - Take a walk on the wild side at the Shark Walk! See six different shark species from an incredible floating glass platform and discover the darker side of the Pacific ocean. 

Great Oceanic Conveyor - Venture on an interactive and immersive journey which takes you on a walk beneath the habitat of weird, wonderful and colourful marine creatures. 

Shark Reef Encounter - With over twenty sharks, including a group of black tip reef sharks and two 2.8m long brown sharks, Shark Reef Encounter challenges the many misconceptions about these much maligned, magnificent creatures. 

Behind the Scenes Tour Purchase our great value SEA LIFE London Aquarium tickets including Behind the Scenes Tour and learn about the hard work and dedication it takes behind the scenes to keep one of the world’s largest aquariums operating as it should. This exciting tour takes you “behind the glass” into the inner workings of the aquarium where dedicated aquarist work hard to ensure things run smoothly for their charges and visitors alike. During the forty minute tour, you’ll enjoy lots of hands-on interaction as you travel deep into the cavernous County Hall building and through the three main SEA LIFE London Aquarium areas of Water Management, Food Preparation and Creature Care and Research.