Your potty training checklist

Make sure you have all you need and preparations done before you start potty training your toddler

Your potty training shopping list

Be prepared with everything you need to start potty training

Shopping for potty training

Here’s your essentials list for your potty training must-haves.

Shopping list

  • Potty/toilet training seat
  • Daytime and nighttime pull ups
  • Big kid pants/knickers
  • Rewards eg. Stickers
  • Handwash
  • Flushable wipes

Preparing the loo

Now that you’re ready to begin potty training, it’s time to prep the loo. Some families use a little child-size potty, while others opt for a potty insert for the toilet. If you choose the insert, be sure to create a safe environment with a sturdy step stool. You may need to experiment to see which works best for your little one.

Here’s what else you’ll need:

  • A stash of pull up pants.
  • Flushable wipes
  • Place a foamy soap dispenser by the sink. Kids this age love trying new scents and colours of soap, so buy a few options to encourage hand washing.
  • A canister of surface disinfecting wipes. Potty training can be a bit messy, it’s true, but you’ll be ready!
  • Stash these wipes up high out of children’s reach since they contain stronger ingredients.
  • Place the potty training progress chart at your child’s height.
  • Make sure you and your child have a read of the clean routine so they are aware of the steps to use to feel cleaner and fresher.
  • A basket filled with potty-themed books and a couple of new, bathroom-only toys. Sometimes there will be a wait whilst sitting on the potty, and it can help to have a few distractions to keep a busy toddler on the “throne” for a few minutes.

Your potty training checklist