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How to encourage your little one after a potty training accident

Our tips on what to say to your little one if they have a potty training

What to say when potty training accidents happen

Make sure you encourage rather than discourage if your little one has an accident

Mum encouraging after potty training accident

There are bound to be accidents during potty training — in fact, it’s almost silly to think of them as accidents.

It’s all part of the process. Still, it can be messy and frustrating. Instead of showing frustration to your little one, it’s important to stay positive and encouraging. Here are some helpful scripts you can use to help keep your child motivated:

“Oh, you’re wet. Let’s get you into some dry clothes. Next time, I’ll remind you and we can try to go together.”

“I notice you’re pooing in your pull up pants.  Let me know when you’re done and we’ll clean you up. Then I can show you how I put the poo in the toilet and we’ll flush it away.”

“Let’s keep trying to learn to use the potty like big kids do.”

“It looks like your sheets are wet. It may be too soon for you to stay dry overnight. Let’s try pull up pants when you sleep so your bed will be clean and dry when you wake up.”

How to encourage your little one after a potty training accident