Postnatal depression and bonding

Bonding with your little one is an amazing feeling, but why are you feeling teary?

Postnatal depression and bonding

It’s expected that having your new baby will leave you feeling elated and loving, but for a large proportion of new mums, the initial bonding experience with their little one is instead a mixture of teary moments, feelings of exhaustion and unhappiness. These baby blues can set in around three to four days after the birth and can quite often only last a couple of days. During this time it’s a good idea to get support from your family, friends and partner. Make sure that you’re accepting help offered and don’t feel like you need to do it all yourself.

If these low feelings, tiredness and unhappiness continue for longer than two weeks, you may be suffering from post natal depression and may need a little extra help from a medical professional or your doctor to help you during this time.

If you do feel like you’re suffering from post natal depression you’re not alone, it’s estimated 10 and 15 mums out of every 100 experience some form of PND after the birth of their little one and it’s best to seek advice and support from a professional than to try and combat these feelings along.