29 weeks pregnant

You and your baby's development

What's happening in week 29 of your pregnancy

Week 29 and your baby will double in size between now and birth!

At a glance

  • Your baby's skin is smoothing out and losing the downy hair
  • Double check your maternity rights ahead of your maternity leave
  • Make sure you have a 'back up' birth partner
29 Weeks pregnant

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How big is my baby at 29 weeks?

At week 29 the average baby measures around 38.6cm and might weigh around 2.5lbs but this will vary from baby to baby. Their skin is smoothing out as they continue to put on fat which is now for energy rather than temperature regulation.

The Vernix Caseosa (the waxy white substance which has been protecting it from the effects of the amniotic fluid) is beginning to disappear, as is the soft downy hair (lanugo) which has covered its body (although you might still see traces of both at birth).

Your baby's eyes are starting to focus now, too – just imagine how their little world currently appears to them!

Facts to know about your baby in week 29

  • Your baby will double in size between now and birth!
  • Your baby gets all the nutrients from your digested food first. All you get is the leftovers.
  • Consistent rhythmic tapping coming from the womb probably means that your baby has hiccups.

Amazingly the buds in their gums for their baby teeth have already formed, and they’re now beginning to develop buds ready for the permanent to teeth.

If you’re having a boy, their testicles will have now descended from near their kidneys through the groin and into the scrotum.

You at 29 weeks pregnant

If you haven't already decided who is going to be your birth partner, or should you need a 'back up' partner if your partner could be delayed getting to the hospital, now could be the time to give it some serious thought! 

Your birth partner will offer you moral and practical support during labour, and speak to medical staff on your behalf if you are unable to do so. 

If your partner cannot be at the birth for whatever reason, or you have both decided they won't be (which is a totally personal preference – some might choose to ask their mum, sister, or a close friend to be there instead, but the decision is yours.

Whoever you choose, make sure they are aware of your wishes, and have seen – and ideally have a copy of – your birth plan

Facts to know about you in week 29

  • As blood supply to the breasts increases you may notice that blood vessels are easily seen under the skin.
  • The sun can cause skin pigmentation changes during pregnancy, but it provides Vitamin D. Get this vitamin through foods such as milk, fatty fish and eggs.
  • Research suggests babies born to stressed mums tend to be underweight or arrive early, so take it easy.
  • You are using an extra 900 kilojoules of energy a day to fuel all that baby-growing.

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What to think about in week 29

You might be on the countdown to your maternity leave now, or perhaps you are planning to carry on in a 'business as normal' fashion at the office for as long as possible. 

Some mums-to-be like to work right up until the last minute so they can use as much as their maternity leave as possible after their baby is born. 

Of course, what you do for a living will have a bearing on this, and how long you can stay at work for, but regardless of when you decide to finish up, do take those last few weeks easy – don't try and be superwoman!

Have a look at our maternity rights pages for info on statutory maternity leave and paternity leave.

You can still fly in week 29, but it's important to check with the airline as different airlines have different policies regarding pregnant women so it's important to look into it before you book a babymoon abroad. some airlines won’t let you fly in the last few weeks. It's also important to check that your travel insurance covers your pregnancy.

Before you fly, if you've had any health concerns or prengancy complications, do discuss them with your midwife before the trip. Even at 28 weeks, some airlines may ask for a letter showing your due date and confirming you aren't at risk of complications. 

It's a good idea to take your pregnancy notes with you and important to stay hydrated on the plane.

It’s likely by this stage of your pregnancy you are noticing a stretch mark or two. 

There’s always a few women out there boasting how they never got stretch marks, lucky them! But the truth is a majority of mums-to-be do. A lot is down to your genetic good (or bad) luck – but around 8 or 9 in every 10 women will have them either around your bump, the breasts or your bottom too.

It’s not really thought stretch marks can be totally stopped, although many mums who use anti-stretch mark oils and creams religiously over several months are convinced they’ve stopped stretch marks appearing. But there’s no way of knowing if they were ever going to get them in the first place!

It’s still not too late in your pregnancy to start looking after the skin that is showing signs of stretch marks by using a cream or oil. Improving your skin’s elasticity may still reduce the redness of stretch marks as you grow in these next few months.

Still not got that baby name nailed down? Don’t worry, there’s still loads of time and even if you’re set on your choice it’s never too late to explore a few more options to find that name that just sounds right. Everyone loves the movies and getting baby name inspiration from a favourite movie is a great way to add your personal touch to the baby name choice.

Take a look at our baby names inspired by the movies or if that’s not doing it, check out the movie or TV programme credits for inspiration.

Signs and symptoms at 29 weeks pregnant

Fast growing nails

Another hormone related symptom during pregnancy is that your nails grow quicker than they do normally. Although this may seem like a great perk of pregnancy, you may also find they are more brittle than usual and break more easily so it’s a good idea to trim them regularly. It’s normally around the third trimester when you notice a significant difference in your nails. Make sure you wear rubber gloves for dishwashing and avoid nail varnish and polish remover. A nail oil or cuticle oil can also help. 


Your digestive system slows down a lot in your pregnancy and it’s certainly not helped by all these pregnancy hormones. To help ease constipation add more fibre to your pregnancy diet and ensure you are hydrated at all times. When having bread, it will make a big difference to choose wholegrain and whole wheat bread, fibrous veg such as asparagus; broccoli; cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, celery, and greens are a great regular addition to your diet to help combat constipation. You can also find the fibre you need in fruit such as plums, peaches, nectarines, apples and pears.

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  • Preparing a birth plan 

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At a glance

  • Your baby's skin is smoothing out and losing the downy hair
  • Double check your maternity rights ahead of your maternity leave
  • Make sure you have a 'back up' birth partner

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