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Why they call it the ‘terrible twos’

Love ‘em as we do, toddlers could try the patience of a saint, recognise any of these familiar traits?

The ‘terrible twos’ are here, and this is how you’ll know

Wouldn’t be without them, but two year olds should come with a warning, ‘say the wrong thing and I’ll SCREAM till I get what I want!’

Beware the ‘terrible twos’

  • We’ve all heard the phrase, and mums of two year olds will recognise these reasons for the infamous phrase

terrible twos

Ah don’t we love the cheeky little ways of our toddlers and their cute outlook on the world. But let’s face it, toddlers can be hard work, the phrase ‘terrible twos’ originated somewhere and I think we all know why. Although the latest phrase ‘threenager’ tells how difficult our three year olds may become, there’s no doubting the ‘terrible twos’ are hard enough.

How many of these ‘terrible twos’ traits do you recognise in your little angel?

1. They do not stop talking, unless you ask them the simple question: “What did you do at nursery today?” then silence falls.

2. Never forget that just because pasta was their ‘most favourite food’ yesterday, it is fairly unlikely they will like it today.

3. They are completely self-sufficient, even if it takes them 2 hours to put on a shoe, they can manage…alone!

4. Nothing is funnier than lobbing a sippy cup, particularly if it manages to smack you right in the face, thanks.

5. The second your bottom touches the couch for the first time all day, your little angel will announce he needs a poo.

6. Sleep/tired are the worst things you can say to your two year old, he will look at you with utter disgust at the mere mention of it.

7. Walking anywhere will take you three times as long as it should as your two year old marvels at every tiny aspect of the world around him the entire way.

8. Getting dressed is an absolute no no, unless it is time for bed, then it’s a great time to try on everything they own.

9. Your coat pockets weigh more than you as your lovely little two year old has picked up every stone, pine cone and dead leaf  he can find to give mummy as presents, ah…thanks…NOT!

10. Public toilet hand dryers, avoid, avoid, avoid…you will never get out of there.

Beware the ‘terrible twos’

  • We’ve all heard the phrase, and mums of two year olds will recognise these reasons for the infamous phrase

Why they call it the ‘terrible twos’