15 of the funniest and most awkward questions little ones ask

Has your tot ever caught you out with one of these?

15 funny but awkward questions you hope your kids won’t ask

And if they do, you will probably find yourself in hysterics or mortified with embarrassement

Kids say…

  • …the funniest things!

Toddler girl thinking

Kids say the craziest things, and it seems to start earlier than ever with one and two year olds asking questions that make you giggle to yourself or wish the ground would open up and swallow you.

Here are some of our favourites, any of these come out of your little one’s mouth?

1. Mummy, why do your boobies look sad?

2. Why didn’t you name me Bob?

3. Why is that lady so fat? Is she pregnant?

4. How do snails work?

5. How do people fit in the TV?

6. Why doesn’t daddy sleep in my bed and I can sleep in yours?

7. Where do babies come from?

8. Why can’t I see my eyes?

9. How does Father Christmas get in if there’s no chimney?

10. Why does God let people die?

11. Why did you say grandma was annoying?

12. In the olden days was everything black and white?

13. Why were swear words invented if we’re not allowed to say them?

14. Can you put that girl baby back in and get me a brother?

15. Why doesn’t the sky fall on us?

Kids say…

  • …the funniest things!

15 of the funniest and most awkward questions little ones ask