Why you don't want to miss your Bounty mum-to-be pack

Claim your free Mum-to-be Pack

Make sure you don't miss out on your Bounty pack

Find out why you will want to get your hands on your Mum-to-be pack

Claim your free Mum-to-be Pack

Congratulations on reaching week 13! Your second and third trimester are full of exciting changes for you and your growing baby. 
Don’t forget to claim your free Mum-to-be Pack stuffed with try-before you-buy samples, plus lots of money off coupons carefully chosen for you. Available to collect from your local Boots or Tesco store. (TIP – Head to Tesco to get full-sized nappies & wipes).

Your Bounty Journey 

Bounty’s here to support you as you start your journey into parenthood from pregnancy and birth, your newborn the toddler years and through to pre-school. We’re here for new mums offering advice, help, reassurance and information. 

Not only are we giving you timely advice and expert knowledge but you can also claim your three Bounty Packs; filled with free samples, money-off vouchers and useful information.

My midwife did not give me a Pregnancy Information Folder, what do I do now?

Ask your midwife or healthcare professional at your next antenatal visit or your 20 week scan for your folder. 

Please can you send me a Bounty Pack? 

Unfortunately, due to weight restrictions we are unable to post the Bounty Packs. This means that Bounty Packs can remain free charge for all new and expectant mums. 

What’s my next pack? 

Your next pack is Newborn Pack. You’ll get this when your little one arrives from your ‘Bounty Lady’ or healthcare professional on the maternity ward during your stay in hospital. 

Why you don't want to miss your Bounty mum-to-be pack