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Bounty Partners

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Updated 18 April 2024

Our team are always looking for new partners that have information, offers and services to help you and your new family on your journey.  

Depending on which communications you have told us you would like to receive, we may, on behalf of the following companies with whom we have trusted relationships, send you information about their products and services that we think you will be interested in. These communications will come direct from us and your personal data will stay safe and secure with us.

* In addition to being Bounty Partners, you may also choose to directly join these specific partners’ Membership Clubs during our registration process. This is completely optional. If you decide to join any of these Membership Clubs, your information will be shared with them in accordance with this Privacy Policy and subject to your acceptance of the respective Membership Club’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The respective Membership Club will also become data controller of your information and your relationship with them will be governed by their Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.