Friday 12th April 2019

Bounty and the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) – Your Questions Answered

The ICO recently issued Bounty with a fine as our historical data-sharing processes, specifically with regards to transparency, did not meet the standards that were expected of us. We made a mistake for which we are sorry.

Whilst the ICO recognised that these matters were historical and that we had made significant changes to our processes since the period covered by the ICO, we understand that parents will have questions. 

What period does this relate to?

It relates to a period in the latter half of 2017 up to April 2018.

If you joined the Bounty club after April 2018, this does not affect you.

Is this a data breach?

No. The ICO’s fine relates specifically to the fact that, in the past, we shared some personal information with a small number of data brokerage companies. The ICO concluded we weren't sufficiently transparent in our registration process about the specific companies with which we might share data. 

Does this concern any of my bank or financial data?

No. Absolutely not. We do not and have never shared any bank details or financial data with any third party (other than for processing payment for Bounty Portrait transactions).

Do you still share data with data brokerage companies?

No, we don’t. We stopped doing this in April 2018. 

What information did you share?

The information was limited to the following:

• Member’s name, DOB, postal address & email address

• Expected due date

• First time Mum (yes or no)

• Child gender & DOB

What will happen in future?

We do not and we will not share your personal information without your explicit consent, and this will only be with the small number of other Membership clubs that we suggest from time to time. For full details, please see our privacy policy at: www.bounty.com/privacy

As part of our Bounty Promise, we are  committed to complete transparency. To understand more about our commitment to you, please see: www.bounty.com/promise

Hopefully we have answered your questions above. If there’s anything else you would like reassurance over, please email privacy@bounty.com