Preparing for your baby's portrait session

Tips for getting the most from your free portrait session

Our top tips for a great portrait session:

Top tips for getting the most from your free portrait session

Your Bounty Portrait session gives you those very first photos of your new baby and it's a good idea to come prepared with little essentials that will help you create the perfect photos.

Here are our top tips to help you prepare for your Bounty Portrait photo session.

Blanket image
1 Special Blanket
A soft cuddly blanket makes the perfect setting for those special photos, it can add texture, colour and memories to your portraits.

Clothing image
2 Clothing
Remember that special outfit for dressing up your precious new arrival. Another good clothing tip is for you to bring a plain top for yourself in case you choose to capture a beautiful picture of baby in your arms.

Cuddly toy image
3 Cuddly Toy
A cuddly teddy to accompany your little one is bound to make everyone's heart melt.

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