10 reasons to delay potty training

Key signs that tell you to hold off on potty training

10 things that show it’s not the right time to potty train

Signs to look out for that it may be worth delaying starting to potty train

Reasons to delay potty training

The key to successful potty training is timing so even though your toddler may be at an age you feel is right to potty train, be aware of the signs that may suggest it’s not the best time.

Sometimes, it’s better to wait. While a toddler can be at the right developmental stage, and you feel ready, too , if your toddler is already dealing with a lot of other “big kid” changes on top of learning to use the potty, training can become more stressful than necessary for the whole family. 

Here are the top 10 reasons to hold off on potty training:

  1. Mum is about to give birth to a sibling.
  2. New sibling has just arrived.
  3. Your toddler is moving out of a cot into a “big kid” bed.
  4. Your toddler is learning to give up their bottle.
  5. Your toddler is being weaned from having a dummy.
  6. The family is moving into a new home.
  7. Your toddler is starting with a new childminder or nursery.
  8. There’s been a death or major illness in the family.
  9. You’ve recently got a dog, cat, or other pet.
  10. You’re in the midst of celebrating a big event such as Christmas.

If any of these are relevant to you, it may not be the best time to introduce a new big change to your toddler. Let things settle for a few weeks and embark on training once things have settled down.

10 reasons to delay potty training