Guide for what toddlers should wear for potty training

Potty training can involve of a lot of last minute runs to the loo, so make sure your toddler’s clothes are easy to get down in a rush

Dressing for successful potty training

Our guide to what to wear and what NOT to wear when potty training

Dressing for successful potty training

Some of your toddler’s cutest outfits may look gorgeous on them, but they’re not always the best choice when potty training, in fact some make it almost impossible! It’s time to set aside the dungarees or tights in favour of some super practical outfits that can be removed quickly.

Buck the trends

It may be fashionable but if it’s not easy to take off or pull up and down, then it’s a definite no-no during potty training. Parents and experts agree that tracksuit trousers or trousers and shorts with elasticated waists are the perfect choice, while girls will find dresses and skirts easy to lift when needed.

Easy does it

Wearing clothes that can be easily dropped to the ankles or kicked off completely so the knees can be spread apart makes weeing much easier and more comfortable. Tights are the trickiest to take off, and little girls rarely push them down far enough when going to the bathroom, so these are best avoided in the early stages of potty training.

Less is best

In the early stages of potty training, it’s best for little ones to wear as little clothing as possible for most of the day or for a few hours in the morning, giving them one less thing to think about when they do need to go.

Practice first

As toddlers are used to having a little help when dressing, it’s a good idea to help them practice how to pull down clothes for potty time. Toddlers will be more willing to go to the potty or toilet if they feel confident about undressing.

Be prepared

Accidents will happen, so be prepared. Keep one or two extra outfits and a stash of pull up nappies handy, especially when you’re out and about.

Potty training wardrobe no-nos:

  • Dungarees/overalls
  • All-in-ones
  • Singlets or T-shirts that do up under the crotch
  • Hand-wash items or anything marked 'dry-clean only'
  • Tights

Potty training wardrobe essentials

  • Stretchy leggings
  • Trousers or shorts with an elasticated waist
  • Skirts and dresses
  • Potty training pants

Guide for what toddlers should wear for potty training