Helping hand for toddlers when potty training

There’s a lot for little ones to remember during potty training, reinforce these and they’ll soon get the hang of it

Useful reminders for potty training toddlers

Remind toddlers of these simple potty training rules

Reminders for potty training

There’s a lot for toddlers to remember when it comes to potty training, so a few reminders will ensure they get the hang of things.

Flushing the toilet

Toddlers don't always understand that the toilet should be clean after they use it; so inject some fun to help them remember to flush. A coloured toilet bowl cleaner, which changes the water from clear to colour, can serve as an entertaining reminder. Some young children have an initial fear of the flushing toilet, so bear this in mind if your toddler is reluctant to flush and be patient with this step.

Step by step

If the full process of using the bathroom is proving too much for your little one to remember, make a sign or download one of our door hangers to demonstrate the simple steps of potty etiquette, including sitting on the potty or toilet, wiping, flushing and washing hands.

Whistle while you wash

Many kids skip the hand washing bit or certainly don’t spend long enough to achieve a good wash. The World Health Organisation recommends spending 15 seconds on hand washing to do it properly, so why not encourage them to sing a song while they scrub?

Helping hand for toddlers when potty training