Should I get my toddler to use the potty or the toilet?

We look into whether it’s better to use the potty or toilet for potty training

Choosing between the potty or the toilet

Here’s our helpful guide on how to choose what’s best for your toddler, the toilet or the potty

Potty or toilet

Potty or toilet?

When potty training, some parents choose to use a potty, while others prefer the toilet. But which is best? We look into the benefits of each.

Potty for potties

The plus points of a potty are that it’s small and low to the ground making it easy for young children to use. No training seat or step stool is required, and it’s simple to transport, which allows for consistency wherever you are. With a huge range of styles, colours and designs available and no noisy flushing sound to contend with, some kids find them less intimidating.

Team toilet

Some parents prefer to bypass the potty in favour of the toilet. A big advantage here is that your child learns to use the toilet from the outset, effectively removing one of the steps to total independence. Children are also able to use the toilet anywhere they go without the need to carry a potty around. And some argue that it’s cleaner and less hassle because you can simply flush after use.

Ultimately, neither makes the process any quicker, so your decision comes down to what your child prefers and what you will both find most practical.

Should I get my toddler to use the potty or the toilet?