Teaching your toddler to wipe when potty training

To teach your toddler the importance of hygiene from the off, help them get used to wiping from the off

The importance of wiping

Teaching your toddler to wipe is an important part of potty training

Wiping and potty training

Although wiping will need your supervision for a while yet, teach your toddler some good germ-free toileting habits every time they use the potty. Here’s how to help your little one understand what's expected:

Wiping after a wee

Show girls how to take a few sheets of toilet paper from the roll, scrunch it or fold it for use and then wipe, reminding your little one that it's very important to wipe from front to back to avoid causing infection. Teach boys to give a little shake, or even a wipe, to get rid of the last few drops of wee. Your child can also use flushable wipes to feel even cleaner.

And after a poo

A toddler’s coordination, ability and full comprehension to effectively wipe after a poo will take a while to develop. In the meantime, try letting your little one have a go after you've wiped first, remembering that you may be doing this step long after the other stages of independence are achieved. As this stage may take a bit of getting used to for your toddler, encourage them to use flushable wipes to get an even better clean.


Show your little one how to pull the right amount of toilet paper off the roll and get it ready for wiping. Teach your toddler to keep wiping until the toilet paper is left clean, using a fresh wad of paper each pass until it’s spotless. As your child gets older and dexterity improves, they will be able to handle this task themselves. But this is one task you’ll likely be helping with for some time to come yet.

Teaching your toddler to wipe when potty training