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USA babymoons

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Babymoon destinations - USA

If you’re in the later stages of your pregnancy or just don’t want the whole hoo ha of getting on a plane, then the UK is a perfect place for that babymoon.

At a glance

  • Where to go
  • What to consider
  • Top travel tips

Flight time from UK

  • To the East Coast 8.30 hours
  • To the West Coast 10.30 hours

If you’re happy to sit on a plane with your bump for more than a few hours then the USA is a great place for that last holiday as a couple or with your little ones before their new siblings come along. And there’s plenty of places to choose from.

From the bubbling geysers in Yellowstone, to the stone beauty that is the Grand Canyon, to the bright lights in New York City and the beautiful fall colours in New England. If you want a relaxing beach holiday then Miami is perfect, of if you want to experience the Southern vibe then fly down to South Carolina. If you’re going with kids then you can’t miss out on Florida and its Disneyland offerings, while Las Vegas is a perfect place for couples to play.

Passports and Visas

If your passport was issued on or after October 26 2006, it must have an integrated circuit chip, which can store biographic information from the data page and a digitised photograph. If your passport was issued on or after this date and doesn’t have this information, you will require a visa, which falls under the Visa Waiver Program. Under this, it is mandatory for anyone travelling to or transferring through the US to obtain approval to travel no later than 72 hours prior to travel by completing an online process ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) scheme. You can apply for this here but you will have to pay a fee.

Health and safety

Some women prefer not to travel in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because of the exhaustion and nausea they experience in this early stage. The risk of miscarriage is also higher in this stage of pregnancy. However, if you feel well and have discussed it with your GP, there’s no reason why you can’t travel during this time. Most airlines will not allow you to travel after week 36 of pregnancy, or week 32 if you’re pregnant with twins or multiples so always call the airline before you fly. You may also need a letter from your doctor.

When to go

Climates change depending where in the USA you choose to go. Vegas is hot through the summer months, cooling down a little bit in the winter, while New York shares the same hot and cold months as the UK.

Things to do

Take up a show in Vegas, shop in New York or relax in Florida. The jazzy sounds of Chicago and beaches of Miami are also must-haves if budget is no option. If you’re on a budget and desperate for a Disney date then opt for a hotel a little bit out of the way of the main resort, or hire a car – often known in the US as a fly and drive – and make your way around different states. It works out cheaper. Buy any tickets to Florida’s other theme parks, for example Universal, in advance as these usually work out at a better price.

Essential Information

The hurricane season normally runs from June to November and can affect US coastal regions so it’s always good to check before you book.

At a glance

  • Where to go
  • What to consider
  • Top travel tips
If you’re in the later stages of your pregnancy then make sure you find out where the nearest hospital is

USA babymoons