Sex after a baby: Guide for new parents

Sex takes on a new take after having a baby, these tips may help

New parents’ guide to sex

Tips to help you regain your sex life after having a baby

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You’ve welcomed a new baby into your family, you’re settling into life with a little one in tow and your new normal life now you’re a parent. But how does your sex life fit in to your new life? Well it may be different, but these tips will help you relight that old spark.

1. Get the first time over with

Not the most romantic, but probably good advice. Thinking about sex soon after giving birth may not feel too appealing let alone knowing if it is OK to have sex after your body has been through a pretty tough time. There’s no set time after birth to revisit your sex life and there are many factors that may determine when you feel ready. If you had a very tough birth and need some time to heal, you may not want to hurry, but if you’ve bounced back from birth fairly quick, why not get back in the saddle. 

2. Accept the changes

The first thing to realise is sex will be different now. The spontaneity in your sex life you may have experienced before kids may not be realistic now. After all, that little bundle of joy  is taking over most of your waking hours now so although sex may be confined to first thing in the morning or last thing at night, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

3. Sleep v sex

When you have a newborn and sleep has become the most precious commodity in the world to you, it can be easy to say no to sex in favour of an extra half an hour’s sleep. But do think about how that half an hour of sex could help you reconnect to your partner and you never know, may help you sleep better anyway! 

4. A quickie is often the answer

A quickie is a great answer to new parents sex as time is not on your side but it doesn’t mean you can’t fit in a quickie when baby is napping. 

Sex after a baby: Guide for new parents