Five rows new parents face

You’re not on your own, parenting is one of the toughest challenges your relationship will ever face, any of these an issue in your home?

Five argument starters for new parents

Most new parents will have experienced at least one of these disagreements in the early months

Five rows all new parents have

  • Rows that begin when a new baby arrives

Parents arguing

As amazing as it is bringing your new baby into the world, becoming a parent is hard and life for you two as a couple will change, a lot.

In many ways your new arrival will bring you closer together, but the reality is your new found responsibilities are likely to cause bickering between the two of you, but just remember, it’s the same for everyone.

Just so you don’t feel alone, here are some common issues that many new parents end up competing about.

1. The night feed debate

Once you’re a parent, getting a night’s sleep is no longer a fait accompli at the end of a long tiring day. In fact, it becomes the centre of your world, and you will find yourself saying to your other half: “Can you get up with the baby tonight? I’m exhausted.” If your other half manages to sleep through the baby’s cries, this becomes the source of a squabble or two.

2. The ‘who’s done the most’ tally

Whereas before children, you may have both gone about your household chores almost unaware of what the other is doing, but now you have a baby in tow, and are surviving on two hours sleep a night, you may watch in detest as your other half dozes on the sofa while you are sterilising, washing clothes and trying to tidy up a messy home after a day running round after your newborn. When woken is too is likely to rant about you appreciating that he’s picked the laundry off the floor and put the bins out just like you asked.

3. That dreaded M word…money

Money is by far a common issue to row about and can escalate once you have a new arrival. After all, it’s an expensive time, buying buggies, car seats, cots, nursery furniture, the list is endless and let’s face it, parents don’t always have the same views of what the baby ‘needs.’

4. The parenting learning curve

When push comes to shove, it won’t matter how many times you’ve babysat other babies or how many younger siblings you grew up with, learning how you wish to raise your own baby will cause some heated discussions at the very least between you and your partner.

5. The sex debate

This can often become a source of stress between couples after the birth of a baby as it may take a while for a new mum to feel ready to revisit their sex life after giving birth. What may feel like a lack of understanding from your partner can lead to rows within your relationship.

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Five rows all new parents have

  • Rows that begin when a new baby arrives

Five rows new parents face