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Moses Baskets, Cribs & Cradles

There are myriad choices when it comes to choosing a safe and comfy sleeping option for your newborn baby. With NHS advice stating that baby should be in mum and dad's room for the first 6 months, many parents opt for a portable Moses basket, crib or cradle as their baby's first bed.

What are the different types of Moses baskets, cribs and cradles?

Moses Baskets

A Moses basket (sometimes called a bassinet) is a small portable basket, often weaved from wicker, which can be used from newborn to around three months, or until your baby can roll or sit up or has simply grown to big for it. Some brands are now making baskets out of recyclable plastic instead of the traditional wicker. 

Moses baskets are often used in conjunction with a folding stand (although they can also be used on the floor), and are easy to move from room to room, so your baby can nap anywhere. Some come with hoods, and elaborate dressings, and padded inners, while simpler models are just literally a basket with a mattress! 

Some mums and dads are put off by the relatively short time frame that a Moses basket is used for, but others swear by their portability, the fact that newborns don't look 'lost' in them like they can do in a cot, and of course, their undeniable prettiness and cute factor! Moses baskets are popular baby shower gifts, particularly as they can be filled with other presents for the lucky mum-to-be!


Cribs are smaller than cots, and more solid than a Moses basket, and are always on some sort of frame, sometimes a rocking, gliding or swinging one, or just static, with legs like a small cot. Cribs can be used from when your baby is born until he or she can sit up, roll or pull themselves up. They are usually used for a bit longer than a Moses basket because they are slightly larger. Their size makes them perfect for use in mum and dad's bedroom, and some cribs are specifically designed with a dropside to be positioned right next to the parents' bed for safe co-sleeping.


A cradle is really just another name for a small cot or crib, but is often used to describe the more elaborately dressed rocking cribs with drapes.  

How much do Moses baskets, cribs and cradles cost?

Moses baskets can be bought very inexpensively, from as little as £25 for a basic basket without a stand. Cribs and cradles usually start at around £40.00.

Top tips for buying Moses baskets, cribs and cradles cost?

Moses baskets are used for such a short period of time that 'as new' ones are often very easy to source second-hand or from friends with older babies, however, for safety reasons, always buy a new mattress, and also check the handles of the basket are still well attached and secure. 

Some parents swear by preparing their baby to sleep in their 'big cot' by putting the Moses basket inside it for day time naps! 

Cribs are a little more pricey than Moses baskets, but are more solid and will often last longer. Not all babies will like the gliding or rocking motion, although conversely, some may end up not being able to sleep without being rocked! Cribs are not as portable as Moses baskets, so bear this in mind if you are looking for a newborn sleeping option to move around the house during the day.

Safety first

Always check any  crib, cradle or Moses basket you buy meets British Safety Standards – it should be labelled BS EN 1466 .  If you are buying second-hand, or using a pre-loved Moses basket, crib or cradle, always satisfy yourself that they are in good, safe condition with no wear, tear, loose fixings or missing parts. Bear in mind that The Child Accident Prevention Trust warns that you can't guarantee second hand equipment meets current safety legislation, no matter how new or in good condition it appears.

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the popular moses baskets, cribs and cradles below.

Izziwotnot White Gift Wicker Moses Basket

RRP: £89 - Buy now

A beautifully made and designed basket which combines traditional styling with contemporary finishing touches

  • Softly padded wicker basket
  • Luxury velvet trim waffle coverlet
  • Cocoon canopy
  • Leather handles for easy carrying
  • Stand sold separately

Age: from birth to 9kg or until baby can sit or roll
Dimensions: L84cm x W48cm

Why we love the Izziwotnot White Gift Wicker Moses Basket ....

  • Gorgeous, luxe design in four colour-ways which would fit in any style of nursery
  • Traditional wicker weave with modern waffle cotton finish
  • Supportive foam mattress with PEVA cover which can be wiped clean
  • Would make a lovely baby shower gift – looks so expensive!

Clair de Lune Starburst White Palm Moses Basket

RRP: £66.99 - Buy now

Cute and traditional palm Moses basket with delicate star design dressing

  • Comes complete with foam mattress and quilted liner
  • Hood is adjustable, and can be removed
  • Covers are machine washable, and have a starburst design

Age: from birth to 9kg or until baby can sit or roll
Weight: 2.7kgm
Dimensions: L76cm x W29cm

Why we love the Clair de Lune Starburst White Palm Moses Basket ....

  • Pretty, traditional basket design with gender neutral white dressings
  • Sturdy handles make moving and carrying a breeze
  • The hood can be adjusted, and also stays put once positioned, unlike some brands!
  • Really good value – would make great pressie!

Shnuggle Waffle Moses Basket

RRP: £75 - Buy now

High quality, plastic Moses basket with 100% cotton dressings

  • Moulded shell made from hypo-allergenic, 100% recyclable material (PP) 
  • Woven cotton handles for easy moveability
  • Comes with padded liner, and all-cotton dressings, including hood, coverlet and quilted mattress
  • Fully assembled

Age: from birth until baby can sit or roll
Weight:  2kg without dressings, 4kg with
Dimensions: 90cm x 45cm x 25cm

Why we love the Shnuggle Waffle Moses Basket ....

  • Ecologically sound product made in the UK from 100% recyclable materials!
  • Its award winning design is larger than most baskets on the market
  • The plastic construction means it doesn't creak or rustle like wicker baskets, so babies are not woken up by the sound of it moving
  • It maintains a traditional Moses basket look despite its eco credentials!

Chicco Next2Me Side-Sleeping Crib

RRP: £149.99 - Buy now

The Chicco Next2Me side-sleeping crib offers a safe way to co-sleep with your baby

  • Height ranges from 35cm to 52cm to fit most bed types
  • Padded sides and padded mattress
  • Can be used as a normal crib when baby leaves parents' bedroom
  • Has 2 wheels and brakes for easy manoeuvrability

Age: from birth 
Weight:  9kg
Dimensions: 81cm x 69cm x 93cm

Why we love the Chicco Next2Me Side-Sleeping Crib ....

  • A great way to co-sleep with your baby without having them in bed
  • Great for breastfeeding mums or when baby is unwell
  • Comes with a storage bag so its easy to pack up and take away with you
  • Can be inclined at one end if baby has a congestion from a cold, or suffers reflux

SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib

RRP: £219.95 - Buy now

The SnuzPod bedside crib has 3 in 1 functionality to allow your child to sleep alongside you and independently

  • 3-in-1 design allows for co-sleeping, independent sleeping, or off the rockable bassinet as a Moses basket
  • Height can be adjusted to fit most beds
  • Zip-down mesh sides allows easy access to baby
  • The fabric covers can be machine washed

Age: from birth to 6 months
Weight: 15.3kg
Dimensions: 57.2cm x 11.6cm x 99.4cm

Why we love the SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib ....

  • Great for breastfeeding mums or those who've had Caesarian sections
  • Bigger and more sturdy than a Moses basket so baby can  use it for longer
  • Easy to assemble even with minimum DIY skills!
  • Has modern, Scandinavian feel to the design!

Saplings Bethany Crib

RRP: £79.95 - Buy now

A traditional solid wood crib available in a range of finishes

  • Can be used as a rocking crib, or locked into a stationary position
  • Uses a 84 x 43cm mattress which needs to be bought separately 
  • Great for use in parents room where space is tight
  • Smooth swinging action to soothe baby to sleep

Age: from birth to 11kg
Weight: 9kg
Dimensions: H74cm x W52cm x D99cm

Why we love the Saplings Bethany Crib ....

  • Looks beautiful in a traditional or contemporary nursery
  • Easy to assemble, with robust construction
  • Lasts longer than a Moses basket
  • Also comes in white and natural finishes

Obaby Sophie Swinging Crib

RRP: £79.99 - Buy now

A modern take on the traditional wooden swinging crib 

  • Gentle rocking motion to help baby fall asleep
  • Can be locked into static mode once baby is sleeping
  • Uses a 85cm by 43cm mattress
  • Designed in the UK, and available in three finishes 

Age: from birth to 6 months or until baby can roll/sit up
Weight: 9.9kg
Dimensions: 84cm x 55cm x 99cm

Why we love the Obaby Sophie Swinging Crib ....

  • Clean lines and gender neutral styling to fit in any nursery
  • Easy to understand and comprehensive assembly instructions
  • Locking mechanism means no danger of baby rocking themselves once they are asleep!
  • Can be wiped down with warm soapy water should there be any accidents!

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