Girls’ name predictions

Our pick of the girls’ names set to increase in popularity over the next year

Trends and predictions for girls’ names 2020

Which girls’ names might be filling the playground in a few years? Bounty is the most reliable, up-to-date place to look for clues

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We’ve studied and scoured the thousands of baby girls’ names chosen by Bounty mums this year to determine exactly which ones are heading towards ‘on trend’ status in the next year. Having assessed over 300,000 names for the stand-out highest climbers over the last 12 months we can predict which exactly which name trends are set to take off. 

This is because, outside of official birth registration lists (which are published 18 months behind) ours is the largest, most up to date baby names list in the UK – making it guaranteed to bring you the latest trends in girl’s baby names.

Starting with the Bounty Top 100 girls' baby names list and up 28 places on last year, the trend for naming baby girls Ada, after Thomas Shelby’s strong and self-confident younger sister, continues to soar up the top 100 - now reaching position 73.

Contrastingly, softer sounding girl’s names, Willow and Rosie have broken into Top 20 this year while contemporary sounding Delilah, debuts into top 100 at position 98 – helped we think, after Keira Knightly gave the name to her 2nd daughter born in September 2019.

Once considered a posh name, Penelope has continued to grow steadily in popularity in recent years – perhaps and surprisingly revitalised by Kourtney Kardashian who chose the name for her now 7-year-old daughter.

Here’s our full list of predictions for this year’s trend names for girls and their current position in the Top 100.

Ada 73
Bonnie 98
Hallie 91
Delilah 98
Nevaeh 86
Mollie 93
Penelope 60
Aurora 71 
Willow 17
Rosie 20

Whilst they are yet to break into the Top 100, here is our list of girls’ names (and the number of places they have gone up in the past year) to watch out for. Each are showing signs of begin strong trend names over the next decade and have all shot up over 40 places in the last 12 months.

Notably ‘Old lady’ style names continue to grow in popularity with Nellie up 61 places, Dorothy up 40, Margot up 47, Dottie up 48 and Winnie up a staggering 91 places. 

Here’s our full list of predictions for this year’s trend names for girls and their current position outside of the Top 100.

Nellie 137
Elodie 162
Anastasia 165
Margot 171
Aubrey 219
Ayda 233
Remi 248
Alayna 256
Aurelia 260
Winnie 266
Dorothy 289
Kyla 297
Maeve 316
Dottie 348
Liyana 382
Addison 392
Blossom 397
Adeline 401
Avery 402
Nola 408

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Girls’ name predictions