Boys’ name predictions

Our pick of the boys’ names set to increase in popularity over the year

Trends and predictions for boys’ names 2020

Which boys’ names might be filling the playground in a few years? Bounty is the most reliable, up-to-date place to look for clues

Predictions for boys name trends 474

We’ve studied and scoured the thousands of baby boys’ names chosen by bounty mums this year to determine exactly which ones are heading towards ‘on trend’ status in the next year. Having assessed over 300,000 names for the stand-out highest climbers over the last 12 months we can predict which exactly which name trends are set to take off. 

This is because, outside of official birth registration lists (which are published 18 months behind) ours is the largest, most up to date baby names list in the UK – making it guaranteed to bring you the latest trends in boy’s baby names.

Starting with the Bounty Top 100 boys' baby names it’s safe to say that Prince William and Kate's third baby named Louie is looking to start a trend in the name. It has increased in popularity rising 17 places to position 56 this year. 

Once again surnames used as first names appear to be trending. Oakley was up 18 places and broke into the top 100 for the first time at position 98 and Grayson is also up 11 places to position 87.

Celebrities like singer George Ezra and radio host and presenter Roman Kemp are also racing up the Top 100 charts. After finishing in third place in the nineteenth series of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! we expect you’ll hear of a few more baby boys be given the name Roman too. 

Here’s our full list of predictions for this year’s trend names for boys and their current position in the Top 100.

Theodore 53
Louis 66
Frankie 45
Oakley 99
Louie 39
Elijah 37
Roman 65
Albie 47
Grayson 60
Ezra 76

Whilst they are yet to break into the Top 100, here is our list of boys’ names (and the number of places they have gone up in the past year) to watch out for. Each are showing signs of begin strong trend names over the next decade.

Otis is storming up the charts up a whopping 90 places to position 201 as well as Osian up 88 places to position 327 and Dante up 119 places to position 370.

American influences seem to be gaining popularity including Chester up 23 places, just shy of the top 100 at position 107 and Hudson up 26 places to 129 with Coby and Travis up 73 and 38 places respectively and sitting now at positions 216 and 231.

Cute ‘old man’ names seem to be a continuing trend with Eddie and Vincent rising up the charts up 33 and 21 places respectively to position 147 and 188.

Here’s our full list of predictions for this year’s trend names for boys and their current position outside of the Top 100.

Chester 107
Levi 125
Hudson 129
Eddie 147
Myles 163
Rio 181
Vincent 188
Otis 201
Abel 213
Coby 216
Travis 231
Robbie 240
Idris 246
Monty 255
Romeo 275
Raphael 278
Barney 306
Osian 327
Dante 370
Troy 371

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Boys’ name predictions