Sound familiar? These will if you have a one-year-old

Signs you have a one-year-old now

As your baby turns one you may notice these changes

Familiar things that mums with one-year-olds will recognise

If you have a one-year-old…

  • …these may sound familiar…

One year old girl eating her birthday cake

It only seems like yesterday you were bringing your gorgeous new baby home and now you’re approaching their first birthday, what a milestone

With this comes even more changes perhaps the biggest being that your baby is heading into the toddler years. 

If you have a one-year-old you are bound to recognise some of these familiar traits.

1. Everything they say includes the word ‘no’

And believe us, this will only get worse as they head into the terrible twos and become a threenager. And while you do everything in your power to not say the word no to them to encourage the use of the word, your one year old heads straight for the dog’s water bowl and you just know what they intend to do to it…

2. Cupboard locks are essential

How did you ever survive without them? Baby-proofing your entire house becomes your number one priority.

3. The cry discovery

Once your little one hits the year landmark you finally cotton on that every time they cry is not necessarily because they need something or are in pain or discomfort, more often than not it’s because they want a biscuit, and they want it now!

4. They can hold!

What a fantastic moment when you realise you no longer have to hold your baby’s cup for them, they can do it themselves! How can you fill all that free time? Ooh, Candy Crush, nah glass of wine!

5. The first shoes

Such a magical thing, taking your baby to buy their first shoes…many shoe shops take a picture of your little one standing in shoes for the first time…gulp…grab the tissues!

6. Getting musical

There’s something about turning one that sees a change in your baby (almost toddler) and they become more aware of the world around them. One of the cutest things is how they start to hear music and as soon as music comes on the TV, you will see them start to do their own unique dance moves, too cute!

7. The party

Such a momentous occasion, your baby’s first birthday, but some insist on a party to end all kids parties to mark this precious day, where as others feel there is no need to go mad as they won’t know what’s happening anyway. You can guarantee though if you decide to go big, probably all their little friends won’t and if you decide to keep it small, you will find you are invited to about 15 first birthday parties and have some mummy guilt for not doing the same.

8. Getting broody?

There’s nothing like marking your baby’s first year by start thinking about a little brother or sister for them.

If you have a one-year-old…

  • …these may sound familiar…

Sound familiar? These will if you have a one-year-old