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Will arranging playdates help my baby/toddler sleep better?

Does having a playdate with other babies and toddlers mean better sleep?

Can playdates help night time sleep?

Can keeping my baby and toddler entertained on a playdate help them sleep better at night?

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So the theory is the more stimulated your baby or toddler is in the day, chances are they’ll sleep better at night. This can be the case, but not always.

Playdates are a great way to entertain little ones and help them learn to interact with others their age and learn that all important lesson of sharing.

But there are some things to watch out for when arranging playdates particularly when it comes to how it affects their sleep patterns.

1. Arrange them at the right time

If your baby or toddler usually naps at roughly the same time each day, it’s not going to be helpful to arrange a playdate at this time. They are likely to be grumpy if they are tired at this time and missing the nap they need can mean they try to fall asleep earlier than usual in the evening or even get overtired and can’t get off to sleep at bedtime.

2. Over stimulation

Especially if your little one has a sensitive temperament, getting over stimulated can cause fussiness in some babies and toddlers and this can often become a noticeable issue at bedtime with them fighting to go to sleep.

3. Overload on extra snacks and screens

This is a danger to watch out for on playdates, particularly when you’re not in your home, your little one could be having more and different snacks then they normally would and although it may seem they are being lovely and quiet, too much time on screens could also affect their sleep later on.

Keep these points in mind and arrange playdates that will benefit all children involved, (and you), as if your little one sleeps well, chances are you will too!

Will arranging playdates help my baby/toddler sleep better?