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Getting little ones used to a second course at mealtimes

Once weaning is well underway, it may be time to introduce a second course at mealtimes

Weaning: Ready for a second course?

Now weaning is established, why not introduce a second course to mealtimes

second course

Around 7 to 9 months begin to offer two courses at the lunch and evening meals. This will give your baby a wider variety of foods but also make the meals more interesting for him or her.

Make the first course a savoury course combining foods together in roughly equal quantities so that you have about:

1/3 meat, fish, eggs, nut butter or pulses

1/3 a starchy food such as potato, rice, pasta, bread or chapatti

1/3 vegetables 

For the second course offer fruit, or a milk pudding, or a combination of both. A milk pudding could be a yogurt or fromage frais or a cooked milk pudding such as rice pudding or custard. 

As your baby eats more at each meal you will notice s/he will drink less milk. Eventually your baby will be eating enough food so that after main meals the milk feed is refused altogether.

Getting little ones used to a second course at mealtimes