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When will my baby roll over?

Find out information on when, why and how your baby will start to roll. Check out our guide with everything you need to know, including tips to encourage rolls

When can I expect my baby to roll over?

Understanding when you might expect your baby to start rolling over

Baby rolling over

Rolling over is a huge milestone for your growing baby. Not only is rolling over an important indicator of your baby’s physical development, but it can also signify inquisitiveness and growing confidence.

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When will my baby roll over?

In terms of time frame, most babies start to roll around the 5 month mark. It is natural for some babies to roll over before others, however there is no need to raise concern until around 8 months if your child is yet to roll, at which point it would be advisable to bring it up in your next GP appointment. 

Rolls also generally occur around the same time your baby begins to master head and neck control, as well as sitting up without support. It is most common for babies to start by rolling from their back onto their tummies, as this roll comes slightly more easily and babies generally spend more of the first 3 months on their backs meaning there is much more opportunity to give it a go. They will then grow to master the roll over on their back a few weeks later as this requires more muscle strength from the arms, neck and back.  

What if my baby’s premature? 

Although the timescale outlined above is most common, it is often the case that if your baby is premature it may take a little longer to reach this big milestone. One common way to encourage physical movement for slower developers is to start by stimulating the sense of touch.  

Why does my baby roll over?

Every baby is different, the most common motive for a baby to roll is for transportation, however if your baby has developed other movement enabling skills more quickly (such as crawling or shuffling) then it is likely that rolling may take a back seat. As long as your baby is developing movements of one sort then there is no need to be worried. 

How can I teach my baby to roll over?

The most common way to encourage your baby to roll over is through play. Try holding that toy just far enough away so reaching does not suffice, or alternatively try laying down aside your little one and attempt to demonstrate a roll and see what the reaction is. Be sure to applaud and make a fuss of a roll, as this can positively reinforce the daring movement for the baby. 

It is important to remember that the first roll may occur at any given time, so always keep one hand on your baby during nappy changes to ensure they don’t roll off the side of a surface. 

My baby can roll over, now what?

Once the rolls are mastered and your baby is becoming more confident with body movements, strength and coordination will also be developing, which will help with the next movement steps, next on the agenda being crawling! 

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When will my baby roll over?